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'Fortune's Bastard', Bailey Peter
'Fortune's Bastard'
115,30 zł 109,50 zł
'The Judas Factor', Bailey Peter

Personalities and emotions clash violently when two men from different backgrounds meet in the Far East and ambition dominates sullen adversity until humbled ... więcej

Simon Denchfield's interest in radical politics is taken over by sinister forces that propel him into leading a successful coup against the government. ... więcej

'Cimarron', Bailey Peter
114,00 zł 108,30 zł
'Over the Donkey's Back', Bailey Peter

Good luck follows three stranded space travellers on Planet Cimarron when they rescue Raken Trigine from enemies hoping to usurp his throne. Good fortune ... więcej

When her deposed predecessor returns to visit Barbara Simmonds-Hunter finds her world turned upside down. Not only does she face horrendous business challenges; ... więcej

'Call No Man Happy Until He's Dead', Bailey Peter
'Under the Devil's Belly', Bailey Peter

A man of his unruely times Scott Reeves never had a focussed idea of what he wanted out of life other than to form a street gang and make money out of ... więcej

Two young women set out to seek fame and carve a fortune for themselves in London's thriving and grasping financial sector using whatever female wiles ... więcej

'Taiso', Bailey Peter
125,50 zł 119,20 zł
Abundant Thinking and the Million Dollar Mindset, Bailey Peter

Kumi Takuma, acclaimed taiso in the Shogun's sixteenth century samurai army, returns home to find his sick father's liege lord is about to foreclose on ... więcej

Those that think positively are abundant thinkers. This type of person is often more fulfilled, confidant, and friendly than other type of thinker known ... więcej



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