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Ostatnie dziecko, Hart John
Audiobook Ostatnie dziecko Audiobook (płyta CD)
31,90 zł 28,70 zł

W niewyjaśnionych okolicznościach znika dwunastoletnia Alyssa Merrimon. Jej brat bliźniak Johnny nie potrafi się z tym pogodzić i nawet po upływie roku nie zaprzestaje poszukiwań w przekonaniu, że jego siostra wciąż żyje i przebywa gdzieś w pobliżu. Nad chłopcem czuwa, zmagając się jednocześnie z własnymi demonami, Clyde Hunt, oficer policji, który od roku prowadzi śledztwo w sprawie zaginięcia Alyssy, nawet gdy rozpada się jego małżeństwo ... więcej

Primary English Grammar (Classic Reprint), Hart John

Excerpt from Primary English Grammar The one Objection which can be urged against frequent written exercises is that they consume a deal of time. This Objection would lie equally well against almost everything that is properly done, and, in the case Of written work in grammar classes, it is the fact that the time consumed is the time Of the individual students out Of class and not the time of the class and that Of the teacher. In fact, one Of the values of written work is that it enables the teacher to mark for a class a lesson Of sufficient difficulty, ... więcej

Mammoth Boy, Hart John
Mammoth Boy
68,90 zł 65,50 zł

It's around 15,000-12,000 BC, the Late Stone Age, and an orphan boy is surviving on the fringes of a hunters' camp. A?passion to find mammoths has been ignited in him by Old?Mother, the ancient crone who guards the camp fire and cares for him. In his travels to find the mammoths, he is adopted by a mysterious hunchback, Agaratz, who lives alone in a cave and is perhaps the last of a vanished people. Urrell learns survival and instinct as a stone-age hunter as well as gaining insight into the meaning of the cave paintings of deer, bison, mammoths and other ... więcej

The Trial of John Hart, Esq. Alderman of London; for Adultery and Cruelty., Hart John

The 18th century was a wealth of knowledge, exploration and rapidly growing technology and expanding record-keeping made possible by advances in the printing press. In its determination to preserve the century of revolution, Gale initiated a revolution of its own: digitization of epic proportions to preserve these invaluable works in the largest archive of its kind. Now for the first time these high-quality digital copies of original 18th century manuscripts are available in print, making them highly accessible to libraries, undergraduate students, and independent ... więcej

Practical Treatise on the Construction of Oblique Arches (Classic Reprint), Hart John

Excerpt from Practical Treatise on the Construction of Oblique Arches Mr. Stephenson, under whom I was engaged on the London and Birmingham Railway, and subsequently on other great works, having condescended to allow his name (a name which ranks high in the scientific world) to be prefixed to this Work, will, I am aware, procure for it an introduction to a class far different from those I have generally addressed; and I flatter myself that even there it will not be found altogether useless. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of ... więcej

Cosmic Commons, Hart John

Description: Cosmic Commons explores terrestrial-extraterrestrial intelligent life Contact. It uses a thought experiment to consider the ecological-economic-ethical-ecclesial impacts of Contact, analyzing incidents around the world described by credible witnesses (two of whom are interviewed for the book), including Roswell and the Hudson River Valley. It discusses government and academic efforts to use ridicule and coercion to suppress Contact investigations, supports a scientific method to research ETI reports in a field that should excite scientists, and ... więcej

Sacramental Commons, Hart John
A Practical Treatise on the Construction of Oblique Arches (Classic Reprint), Hart John

Excerpt from A Practical Treatise on the Construction of Oblique Arches To find the spiral courses on the plan, divide a (1 into the same number of parts as b c, and through those divisions as s u, begin at 8, and draw through every alternate division as at Q', 8rd, proceed in the same way with the others, always bear. Ing in mind to start from the springing with the first cross-joint; every other horizontal division will then be composed of as many parallelograms as there are springing stones on the abutment, each of those forming cross-joints for the spiral ... więcej

Sacramental Commons, Hart John
Encountering ETI, Hart John

Encountering ETI weaves together scientific knowledge and spiritual faith in a cosmic context. It explores consequences of Contact between terrestrial intelligent life (TI) and extraterrestrial intelligent life (ETI). Humans will face cosmic displacement if there are other complex, technologically advanced intelligent beings in the universe; our economic structures and religious beliefs might need substantial revision. On Earth or in space, humans could encounter benevolent ETI (solicitous of our striving for maturity as a species) or malevolent ETI (seeking ... więcej

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