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Marie Antoinette, Seward Desmond
Napoleon's Family, Seward Desmond

''Mr Seward's history is sound, his narrative sparkles; and this vivid account of Marie Antoinette is recommended warmly.'' Daily Telegraph 'A well ... więcej

'With precision, wit and remarkable clarity, the author chronicles the intertwined lives of these half-savage squireens, scarcely more than peasants with ... więcej

The First Bourbon, Seward Desmond
The Dancing Sun, Seward Desmond

The founder of the Bourbon dynasty, Henry IV, who ruled France from 1589 to 1610, is the most romantic of French kings. Very different from his grandson ... więcej

'What a good book this makes. It is honest, well informed and beautifully written.' Evening Standard 'A travelogue-cum-autobiography which is both ... więcej

Napoleon and Hitler, Seward Desmond
Henry V as Warlord, Seward Desmond

Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler were two of history's greatest dictators. In this ground-breaking study, Desmond Seward finds striking parallels between ... więcej

This biography presents a radical reassessment of Henry V as a brutal warmonger. In the course of the Hundred Years War, Henry V was the English figure ... więcej

The Bourbon Kings of France, Seward Desmond
Eugenie, Seward Desmond

"Licentious or bigoted, noble or ignoble", wrote Nancy Mitford, "there has seldom been a dull Bourbon." The story of the Bourbon kings encompasses the ... więcej

From 1853 to 1870 Eugénie de Montijo was Empress of the French, sharing the Second Empire with her husband Napoleon III. The last woman to reign ... więcej



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