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Use Your Mind to Learn How to Drive, Woodward Martin
Learn How to Play Piano / Keyboard Scales & Arpeggios, Woodward Martin

This newly updated incredible book and 60 minute audio mp3 download which costs far less than a single lesson could save you ££££'s ... więcej

Every Piano Scale and Arpeggio that you will ever need!Included in this book is the following: An introduction to finger crossovers; Every major ... więcej

Clutch Control & Gears Explained - An Essential Guide to Learning to Drive and Passing the Practical Driving Test, Woodward Martin
A Guide to Profitable Self Employment - And How to Achieve the Self Confidence to Create Abundance & Prosperity Regardless Of Your Present Circumstances!, Woodward Martin

Does the clutch and gear lever confuse you? This book - written by a retired top grade instructor with over 45 years experience - explains the clutch and ... więcej

Are you: • Sick of being made redundant or having this threat constantly hanging over you? • Unemployed without qualifications? • Sick of ... więcej

The Golden Sphere - An Introduction to Rebirthing and A Course in Miracles, Woodward Martin
Learn How to Play  Piano / Keyboard For Absolute Beginners, Woodward Martin

You'll love this 'charming' little book which is packed full of hidden gems and contains a seriously important message. It's been described as being like ... więcej

As the name suggests, this book has been written for the absolute beginner and assumes no prior musical knowledge - just the desire to do it! You will ... więcej

More Money  For Pensioners!, Woodward Martin
Learn How to Play Piano / Keyboard BY EAR! Without Reading Music, Woodward Martin

Some of the items included are: Why the poorest in society pay most for everything (and what to do about it); How to use your computer to budget and ... więcej

Sensational New Music Book Items included are:

Brainwave  Entrainment Plus, Woodward Martin
Learn How to Play Piano / Keyboard Chords Including 9ths & 13ths Etc. With Charts in Keyboard View, Woodward Martin

Superb new book containing all the information that you need to create your own Binaural Beat / Isochronic Tone recordings for: Hypnosis - Meditation - ... więcej

Included in this book is the following: Chord construction (extensive); Chord substitution; Inversions; Audio links; Chord charts in keyboard view ... więcej



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