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Urn Models for Linear Codes and Economic Statistics, Ferretti Camilla
Towards the Three-Dimensional Arrangement of Quadrics, Hemmer Michael

The theory of Probability and Statistics supplies very powerful tools when we aim to retrieve information from a set of observed data. Indeed, having at ... więcej

This book presents a complete, exact and efficient algorithm to compute the adjacency graph of an arrangement of quadrics, i.e., surfaces of algebraic ... więcej

Iteratsionnye metody resheniya variatsionnykh neravenstv, Ismagilov Linar
Applications Of The Calculus To Mechanics, Hedrick Earle Raymond

Postroeny metod iterativnoy regulyarizatsii resheniya variatsionnykh neravenstv s psevdomonotonnymi operatorami i vypuklymi nedifferentsiruemymi funktsionalami ... więcej

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing ... więcej

Éléments de la Théorie des Fonctions Elliptiques, Vol. 4, Tannery Jules
The Logica Yearbook 2010,

Excerpt from Éléments de la Théorie des Fonctions Elliptiques, Vol. 4: Calcul Intégral (Iie Partie), Applications Note 4. ... więcej

This volume of the Logica Yearbook series brings together articles presented at the annual international symposium Logica 2010, Hejnice, the Czech Republic. ... więcej

A Short Introduction to Graphical Algebra (Classic Reprint), Hall H. S.
The Elements of Optics, Wood James

Excerpt from A Short Introduction to Graphical Algebra The first edition of this little book was undertaken at very short notice in order to meet a sudden ... więcej

Excerpt from The Elements of Optics: Designed for the Use of Students in the University Art. 1. By Optics we understand that branch of Natural Philosophy ... więcej

Multiple Extension Algebraic Number Fields (Classic Reprint), Ho Chung-Jen
Probl?mes variationnels avec des conditions aux limites périodiques, KAVAZOVIC-Z

Excerpt from Multiple Extension Algebraic Number Fields However, e dd, -d92 d91 l l i 5; 2_7r' (z (z(z mus-me file has) -e u: l (2: me e -e a 2 I 1 1 ... więcej

Différents problèmes issus de la mécanique des milieux continus et de plusieurs branches de l'ingénierie présentent ... więcej

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