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Analysis of Babbitt (Classic Reprint), Brakes James

Excerpt from Analysis of Babbitt With the exception of the modification of the Alexan der method for lead, the methods may be old, but they have been selected from the many methods in use for their simplicity, neatness and accuracy of analysis of a babbitt. Of known composition. At the same time reactions and data have been inserted, which will be of interest to the student in analytical chemistry. There is included, the titles of many methods by different chemists for the analysis of white metals andwhite metal alloys, and also an extensive bibliography ... więcej

An Experimental Course of Chemistry for Agricultural Students (Classic Reprint), Dymond Thomas Southall

Excerpt from An Experimental Course of Chemistry for Agricultural Students A farmer does not need to be a chemist; at the same time he needs the training in accuracy, careful observation, and experimental method which a study of chemistry, properly carried out, imparts, and he needs a knowledge of the ele mentary principles of chemical change and of the properties of certain chemical substances, both inorganic and organic. The customary four years' course of inorganic and organic chemistry goes far beyond the requirements of an agricultural student, and ... więcej

Introduction and Review of Antitubercular Agents, Dholakia Sandip

The present book on "Introduction and review of Anti tubercular agents" is very informative for the M. Pharm. Ph.D. and academic/Industry researcher who can exhaustively engage with drug discovery of anti-tubercular agents.This book includes Introduction of tuberculosis with some novel targets for tuberculosis drug therapy and review of some novel heterocycles which exhibited excellent anti tubercular activity.

Proteomische Methoden, Lange Sabine

Eine Vielzahl von Protein-Protein-Wechselwirkungen, die eine wichtige Rolle in Signaltransduktionsprozessen spielen, wird über Wechselwirkungen mit relativ kurzen Peptidsequenzen vermittelt. Dabei können vor allem über posttranslational modifizierte Proteinsequenzen Bindungen ausgelöst bzw. unterbunden werden. In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurden differentielle Peptid-Protein-Interaktionsexperimente (Pulldown-Experimente) mit phosphorylierten und den korrespondierenden unphosphorylierten Peptiden durchgeführt, um phosphorylierungsspezifische ... więcej

Photodegradation of Humic Acid with Sunlight Irradiated Tio2, Ray Kamal

There is a concern that the river of Buriganga has recently become worse due to the humic enriched sediments accumulated the river bottom due to the drainage waste of water.The presence of humic acid (HA),as part of the organic pollutants, has been a problem in the water industry due to their water soluble formation. The photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants using TiO2 has demonstrated successful performance in various remediation systems of polluted water and air. From the sunlight irradiation experiment, it was found that the3 gm TiO2 show better ... więcej

Vaporization and Phase Equilibria of Simulated Radionuclides (Classic Reprint), Plante E. R.

Excerpt from Vaporization and Phase Equilibria of Simulated Radionuclides Abstract. Introduction. 2. Experimental Techniques M Knudsen Gravimetric Analysis M Knudsen Mass Spectrometry. U Transpiration Mass Spectrometry. 5 3. Vaporization Studies of Selected Sub - Systems of Nuclear Waste 6 Cesium Formate 6 Cesium Hydroxide 9 Cesium Oxide 11 Cesium Carbonate 16 Cesium carbonate-water Vapor 17 Sludge 19 kms Observations. 1 tms Observations. 21 Sludge - Glass Frit Mixture. 22 kms Observations. 23 Knudsen Gravimetric Analysis. 25 tms Observations. 25 u. Conclusions ... więcej

Caractérisation d'un mod?le de gliome par imageries spectrales, AMHARREF-N

Le glioblastome représente la forme la plus commune et la plus maligne de tumeurs cérébrales primitives chez l'adulte. Cependant, malgré l'arsenal thérapeutique dont dispose le clinicien, les résultats du traitement des glioblastomes sont encore très décevants. En effet, si la chirurgie et la radiothérapie permettent un contrôle local de la tumeur, l'un des principaux défis est l'action sur les éléments tumoraux infiltrants. La chimiothérapie a fait apparaître ... więcej

Analyse des mélanges complexes de volatils issus des végétaux, MUSELLI-A

Cet ouvrage constitue un recueil des mes activités d'enseignement et de recherche postdoctorales réalisées au sein du laboratoire Chimie des Produits Naturels (CPN) dans le cadre du projet de recherche Ressources Naturelles soutenu par l'UMR CNRS 6134 Sciences de l'Environnement de l'Université de Corse Pasquale Paoli. Les travaux concernent la caractérisation des Plantes aromatiques et médicinales (PAM) et des produits de l'agroalimentaire au travers des mélanges complexes volatils qui en sont issus. ... więcej

The Role of Charge Carrier Transfer in Photocatalysis, Mohamed Hanan H.

‏ ‏Charge carrier transfer reactions have been widely acclaimed to be very important as they play a pivotal role in photocatalytic processes. The fundamental study of the dynamics of the charge transfer processes is important in the design of new photocatalysts as well as for the industrialization of the photocatlytic processes. During the past decades, extensive investigations have been performed concerning the study of the kinetics and of the mechanistic details of the interfacial electron transfer processes at the semiconductor/water interface ... więcej

An Epitome of Chemistry, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint), Henry William

Excerpt from An Epitome of Chemistry, Vol. 2 The arranged series of espe'riments' Was s'uggesced to his as' proper for it'publt'cation, by a written catalogue, which I drew up, more than two years ago, of the experiments performed dur ing my course of chemical lectures. 'this I deem it necessary to state; be cause something'similar is to be found in an excellent manual, lately published by 'bouillon ta Grange. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is ... więcej

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