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The Dynamo, Vol. 2 of 2, Hawkins Charles Caesar
Preisliste No. 11 Über Physikalische Apparate, Chemische Instrumente und Geratschaften, Ernecke Ferdinand

Excerpt from The Dynamo, Vol. 2 of 2: Its Theory, Design, and Manufacture In the case Of the ring armature some lines will cross the interior of the ring ... więcej

Excerpt from Preisliste No. 11 Über Physikalische Apparate, Chemische Instrumente und Geratschaften: Ca. 800 Abbildungen Enthaltend NO 133 wolle ... więcej

Steam Turbines (Classic Reprint), Author Unknown
Track Standards (Classic Reprint), Rehm Norman F.

Excerpt from Steam Turbines On the other hand, certain characteristics which adapt it especially to electric plant service make it unsuitable for general ... więcej

Excerpt from Track Standards The subject matter of this book is to be revised annually and published after the annual convention of the American Railway ... więcej

Micro-Hydropower Systems, Abid Muhammad
Web Based Student's Admission Process, Bin Rashid Md. Zahid

This book is devoted to small hydropower systems of capacity ranging from hundred watts to hundred kilo watts and is named as micro-hydropower systems. ... więcej

Context:Education encompasses our lives. It is the foundation of our society. Education helps to stimulate our minds and mold inquisitive minds into intellectuals. ... więcej

Tsynthesis, Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of Quick Return Mechanism, Shelare Sagar D.
Mitigation of Risk in Supply Chain Management, Gupta Girish

In this Book, mathematical approach is discussed to synthesize the Quick Return Mechanism for desired output and specified input. The effect of variation ... więcej

This book give the details about the Supply chain risks, vulnerabilities, complexity and uncertainties have emerged as key challenges to supply chain management. ... więcej

Simulation of the DC/DC Converter, Santhapur Sriharsha
Management of Yam Production, Srivastava Amit Kumar

The task of this project work is to model a buck converter and a measurement system to sense the inductor current and output voltages of the buck converter ... więcej

Declining yam productivity in Benin Republic (West Africa)calls the need for a study to determine both the effect of fertilization on yam (Dioscorea spp. ... więcej

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