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ksiazka tytuł: Nuevo Manual del Cocinero Cubano y Espanol autor: Legran J. P.

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Nuevo Manual del Cocinero Cubano y Espanol

Wersja papierowa
Autor: Legran J. P.
ISBN: 978-16-11-53052-0
Format: 15.2x22.9cm
Liczba stron: 252
Wydanie: 2013 r.
Język: hiszpański

Dostępność: dostępny
74,70 zł 71,00 zł

Nuevo Manual del Cocinero Cubano y Español by J.P. Legran has resolved the dilemma of the creative Cuban cook who seeks to incorporate the richness of multicultural kitchens while staying true to the traditions of the island. Written in 1864, when Cuban identity was just beginning to come into it's own, Legran's recipes show a rich international heritage of flavors, spices, and fresh ingredients. This historic manual for the kitchen is extensive in its offerings, though a little peculiar as a cookbook for our day with recipes written as prosaic paragraphs and not as detailed lists of ingredients and instructions. Divided in three parts, Legran's manual primarily the method of cooking for organization.

Finally, the creative Cuban cook has a complete reproduction of this indispensable original text, published in Havana in the 19th century! Light Messages Publishing has made this version available with all of its pages easily legible--a feature that distinguishes this edition from other reprints available.

This edition is a complete and legible reprint of the 1864 publication.



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