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ksiazka tytuł: Your Life Is In Your Hands autor: Packard Kay

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Your Life Is In Your Hands

Practical Palm Reading for Purposeful Living
Wersja papierowa
Autor: Packard Kay
Redakcja: Larson Eric
Wydawnictwo: American Academy of Hand Analysis
ISBN: 978-09-907179-0-4
Format: 15.2x22.9cm
Liczba stron: 166
Wydanie: 2015 r.
Język: angielski

Dostępność: dostępny
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Your Life Is In Your Hands is a revelatory new book that teaches you the fundamentals of how to read the unique markings found on your hands. Your own hands offer the most reliable and explicit assessment tool available for living your best life! Author and master hand analyst Kay Packard, M.A., draws on thousands of hours of scientific research to guide you step by step in identifying and interpreting these markings, giving you a profound new approach to harnessing your inner wisdom and helping you create new, more successful life strategies - at home, in business and in your intimate relationships.

Your Life Is In Your Hands explores more than 50 features of the hands through reproductions of actual handprints and personal life stories. You will learn the meaning of the Heart Line - your love style, the Head Line - your computing system, the Life Line - your vitality requirements, the vertical lines - boosts of extra energy, the fingers - high potential qualities, and much, much more! Kay shows you how to interpret each feature both positively and negatively, and how to combine these interpretations into affirmational "mantras" that can be used as guides to living your life to the fullest. Exercises at the end of each chapter show you how to blend together the various markings you've identified in your hands, to create a unique, inspiring, and empowering reading. You'll also be guided to create a Conscious Living Statement and Action Steps based on what you read and learn about yourself.

Are you ready to look within and empower yourself to live your most meaningful life? Your hands can show you how!



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