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ksiazka tytuł: The Maine Coon Guardian autor: Warrington Ph.D. Alex

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The Maine Coon Guardian

Your Ultimate Guide to Maine Coon Care
Wersja papierowa
Wydawnictwo: Worldwide Information Publishing
Format: 15.2x22.9cm
Liczba stron: 186
Oprawa: Miękka
Wydanie: 2018 r.
Język: angielski

Dostępność: dostępny
56,00 zł 53,20 zł

<p><strong>Wouldn&rsquo;t it be great if an expert Felinologist and Author teamed up with an established Researcher to publish the most complete, breed-specific and detailed book in the market on Maine Coons? Well, here it is, just grab a copy.</strong></p><p><strong>If you haven&rsquo;t chosen your kitten yet, you will discover: </strong></p>
<li>How to choose a reputable breeder and what questions to ask them</li>
<li>The main US and UK Clubs and Registries for the breed</li>
<li>What are the largest Shelters and Rescues in the US and UK for adopting a kitten</li>
<li>How will a Maine Coon behave around your kids or your other pets</li>
<li>What are the average kitten prices</li>
<li>Why you should avoid breeding farms</li>
<li>What questions to ask yourself to decide if a Maine Coon would fit into your lifestyle</li>
<li>How to check if a kitten is healthy and how to pick one out of a litter</li>
<li>How to decide whether to get one kitten or more</li>
<li>What is the best age to buy a kitten</li>
<li>What to consider to choose a male or female kitten</li>
<li>What items you should buy before bringing your kitten home and how much they cost</li>

<p><strong>Once you bring your kitten home, you will find clear step-by-step instructions on: </strong></p>

<li>How to kitten proof your home and back yard eliminating all possible sources of danger</li>
<li>What to do during the first day your kitten is home</li>
<li>How to get your kitten settled into their new routine during the first weeks and common mistakes to avoid</li>
<li>How to start bonding with your Maine Coon kitten</li>
<li>How to potty train or toilet train your kitten and electronic devices in the market to help you do that</li>

<p><strong>If you are already the happy guardian of a Maine Coon, you will learn: </strong></p>

<li>What your cat is telling you by meowing</li>
<li>What your cat&rsquo;s tail twitching is telling you</li>
<li>Main health concerns and allergies for Maine Coons</li>
<li>What are the best choices in the market for cat litter and flea preparation ' prevention products</li>
<li>How to save your cat with CPR&nbsp;</li>
<li>What is the best feeding schedule depending on age</li>
<li>How to choose the right food for your Maine Coon</li>
<li>Healthy treat choices, different diets and bowl types</li>
<li>How to travel safely with your cat&nbsp;</li>
<li>How to choose a reputable vet</li>
<li>Common vaccines and considerations on deciding whether to vaccinate your cat or not</li>
<li>Common diseases and viruses that might affect your cat</li>
<li>Neutering and Spraying: Why, How, When and What happens after</li>
<li>How to keep your cat worm free</li>
<li>What you should do when your Maine Coon is pregnant</li>
<li>How to choose a cat insurance policy and associated costs</li>
<li>How NOT to lose your cat: micro-chipping, tattooing and pet trackers</li>
<li>What is the&nbsp;yearly cost of ownership</li>
<li>How to groom your Maine Coon: bathing, ear care, eye care, nail care, dental care, skin care, pest control, brushing ' combing</li>
<li>Required equipment and products for grooming your cat</li>
<li>How to socialise a Maine Coon with other cats and humans</li>
<li>How to introduce your cat to different environments</li>
<li>Training regimes for Maine Coons: clicker training, leash training, toilet and crate training&nbsp;</li>
<li>How to teach your cat some simple tricks and commands</li>
<li>How to help your cat transition through adolescent phase</li>
<li>What changes to expect as your Maine Coon grows old and how to make them more comfortable in their senior years</li>

<p><strong>Get the Complete Maine Coon Guide now to understand what your cat thinks, feels and needs, and live a harmonic and happy life together.</strong></p>



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