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White Power, Rockwell George Lincoln

The last and most powerful book written by the founder of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell. Taking the philosophical concepts outlined in his earlier book, 'This Time the World,' Rockwell distilled his political message into a hard-hitting, easy-to-read volume which is guaranteed to leave the reader shaken, despite having first been published in 1966. In 1958, alone and without funds, he hung up the Swastika and founded the first openly National Socialist organization anywhere in the world after the end of the Second World War. Using dramatic ... więcej

Loonyology, Bronson Charles
Loonyology Bestseller
56,00 zł 53,20 zł

Lifer Charlie Bronson's reputation precedes him - 'Britain's most violent prisoner' - or does it? Do we really know the true Charlie, or are our impressions the result of media hype? Well, what is in no doubt is that Loonyology is 200% Bronson and will transport the reader on the dizziest no-holds-barred roller-coaster ride of their lives, from suspense and shock to laughter and tears, and from Bronson the 'Solitary King' to Bronson the Philosopher, the Poet, the Artist, the Author, the Joker, the Walking Scar and the Freedom Fighter. Now 55 years old, and ... więcej

The Dunwich Horror, Lovecraft H. P.
The Dunwich Horror Bestseller
26,90 zł 25,60 zł

Horror lies in the old, decrepit New England town of Dunwich. Outsiders visit Dunwich as seldom as possible, and since a certain season of horror all the signboards pointing towards it have been taken down. The scenery, judged by an ordinary aesthetic canon, is more than commonly beautiful; yet there is no influx of artists or summer tourists. Two centuries ago, when talk of witch-blood, Satan-worship, and strange forest presences was not laughed at, it was the custom to give reasons for avoiding the locality. Still, even today, not all is as it seems in ... więcej

The Star and the Sword, Madsen Wayne
The Star and the Sword Bestseller
106,70 zł 101,40 zł

This book, for the first time, suggests that both Israel and Saudi Arabia were intimately involved in planning and carrying out the 9/11 attack on the United States. Both countries, while seemingly enemies, have been longtime secret allies. They share a number of common enemies, including Iran, Shi'a Islam, pan-Arab nationalism, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their intelligence chiefs often meet and conspire in utmost secrecy. The Saudis and Israelis had the motive and the means to cooperate in launching a "false flag" terrorist attack on the United ... więcej

Les Miserables, Vol. 1, Hugo Victor

The iconic novel Les Miserables by renowned French novelist Victor Hugo is an absolute must read. The book was first published in 1862 and is considered to be one of the greatest novels to have been written in the 19th century. Over the years it has been adapted many times, most popularly into a musical, and more recently into a film edition of said musical. The harrowing story follows the lives of those living in the early 1800's in Paris. The main character is Jean Valjean, a man who is looking for the true path of redemption. It starts in 1815 and leads ... więcej

200 Crazy Clever Kakuro Puzzles - Volume 1, LeCompte Dave

200 Kakuro (Cross Sums) puzzles in a range of sizes from easy 3x3 puzzles up to monster 23x31 puzzles. With solutions and solving hints.

Zagłada Żydów Studia i Materiały Rocznik 12,
Towar czasowo niedostępny

W numerze działy: Studia Sylwetki Konteksty Z warsztatów badawczych Materiały Bilanse Punkty Widzenia Omówienia, recenzje, przeglądy Wydarzenia Curiosa A w nich między innymi: Marta Janczewska o niemieckim języku urzędowym w warszawskim getcie Stephan Lehnsdaedt o zwykłych Niemcach w okupowanej Warszawie i ich wiedzy o Zagładzie Peter Black o lokalnej kolaboracji na przykładzie Sonderdienst ... więcej

The Kybalion, Three Initiates

An unabridged edition of the 1908 printing: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece

Połączenia spójnościowe, Porębska Maria,  Skorupa Andrzej
Towar czasowo niedostępny

Książka zawiera podstawy projektowania połączeń spójnościowych w ogólnej budowie maszyn. W pracy przedstawiono wszystkie rodzaje złączy spójnościowych: spawane, zgrzewane, lutowane, klejone i kitowane. Jest to II wydanie książki. Poprawki polegają na nowym opracowaniu paragrafu pt. Obliczanie połączeń spawanych metodą stanów granicz-nych. Wymieniono także kilka rysunków i tablic ze względu na stosowanie nowoczesnych materiałów ... więcej

Anatomy of a Trend, Vejlgaard Henrik

A fascinating look at the predictable patterns behind trends It is one of the most puzzling mysteries of modern culture: how do changes in style and taste come about? It's all part of the inner workings of trends. In Anatomy of a Trend, pioneering trend sociologist Henrik Vejlgaard reveals this startling truth: there are actually predictable patterns behind every trend. Vejlgaard builds a captivating body of evidence that proves anyone can recognize an emerging trend, evaluate it, and make predictions as it follows its course. Includes business cases ... więcej

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