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Polish Hunting Dog (Gonczy Polski) Activities Polish Hunting Dog Activities (Tricks, Games & Agility) Includes, Walker Carl

"Unique in its approach and really helpful with its information - this book is a must have for any Polish Hunting Dog owner" Written for the admirers, fans and owners of this wonderful breed, we are confident that you will greatly benefit from the techniques and information in this book. Composed by a long-term owner of the Polish Hunting Dog, this is an extended version of a book that is certainly a must have addition to your collection.

The Ghost in the Machine, Koestler Arthur

In The Sleepwalkers and The Act of Creation Arthur Koestler provided pioneering studies of scientific discovery and artistic inspiration, the twin pinnacles of human achievement. The Ghost in the Machine looks at the dark side of the coin: our terrible urge to self-destruction...   Could the human species be a gigantic evolutionary mistake? To answer that startling question Koestler examines how experts on evolution and psychology all too often write about people with an ‘antiquated slot-machine model based on the naively mechanistic world-view ... więcej

Gratitude Journal, NICOTERA Mickaël
Gratitude Journal Bestseller
17,20 zł 16,30 zł

Write your positive feelings and actions and find a weekly life-stimulating challenge in this personnal book for happiness.

Made In Poland, Varvounis Miltiades

Tourists visiting Poland are taken to see Cracow, the nation's soul, where a new, humanistic civilization was created and from which it spread. Indeed, the role of the Polish people hasn't only been as the defenders of the West, but also as a pivot, a conduit by means of which ideas, knowledge, and technologies have moved through Europe and the world. This book is about the creativity and larger-than-life achievements of the daughters and sons of Poland.

Setting the Table, Meyer Danny
Setting the Table Bestseller
67,80 zł 64,40 zł
The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Hall Manly P.

The Secret Teachings of All Ages is perhaps the most comprehensive and complete esoteric encyclopedia ever written. The sheer scope and ambition of this book are stunning. In this book Manly P. Hall has successfully distilled the essence of more arcane subjects than one would think possible. He covers Rosicrucianism and other secret societies, alchemy, cryptology, Kabbalah, Tarot, pyramids, the Zodiac, Pythagorean philosophy, Masonry, gemology, Nicholas Flammel, the identity of William Shakespeare, The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, The ... więcej

1000 TRIOS or gapped sentences for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency Exams, Kiljan Krzysztof

1000 TRIOS is an invaluable tool for students preparing for the Cambridge CAE and CPE exams. It helps them gain extra confidence in dealing with the gapped sentences, the exercise that is part of the Use of English Paper in the Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency exams. A typical self-study book for advanced students contains about 25 sets (each with three sentences). This book provides 40 times more - 1000. Consequently, it gives students an unprecedented opportunity to polish their skills. 1000 TRIOS will also satisfy the needs of all those who love playing ... więcej

The Price of Salt, Highsmith Patricia

2016 Reprint of 1952 Edition. "The Price of Salt" is Highsmith's only lesbian novel. She is best known for her Ripley detective novels. It is a fairly realistic look at lesbian life in the 1950s. Originally published under the pseudonym of Claire Morgan to protect Highsmith's identity, this novel tells the story of two women and a decision that each one had to make. "For Therese happiness meant risking her future, for Carol it meant sacrificing her past, and for neither could the happiness, if chosen, be assured, for it lay outside of convention, scorned ... więcej

Orestes, Gallienne Richard le

Excerpt from Orestes: A Tragedy In making this version, I have, therefore, been somewhat circumscribed by the necessity of following the lead of the music, particularly in the first act, which I desire the reader to re gard as a prologue, and subsidiary to the second act, which is the real play. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct ... więcej

Zagłada Żydów Studia i Materiały Rocznik 12,

W numerze działy: Studia Sylwetki Konteksty Z warsztatów badawczych Materiały Bilanse Punkty Widzenia Omówienia, recenzje, przeglądy Wydarzenia Curiosa A w nich między innymi: Marta Janczewska o niemieckim języku urzędowym w warszawskim getcie Stephan Lehnsdaedt o zwykłych Niemcach w okupowanej Warszawie i ich wiedzy o Zagładzie Peter Black o lokalnej kolaboracji na przykładzie Sonderdienst ... więcej

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