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Beauty And The Pug, Darr Laurren
Beauty And The Pug Bestseller
29,80 zł 28,30 zł
Demian, Hesse Hermann
Demian Bestseller
40,70 zł 38,70 zł

What started out as an innocent business trip, ends up as a tragic situation where a father loses his daughter, Beauty, to a wrinkly pug living in a castle. ... więcej

Demian is a psychological masterpiece of modern literature. This novel explores the duality of human nature and the alienation of man's soul. A powerful ... więcej

Zagłada Żydów Studia i Materiały Rocznik 12,
Growth of the Soil (Classic Reprint), Hamsun Knut

W numerze działy: Studia Sylwetki Konteksty Z warsztatów badawczych Materiały Bilanse ... więcej

Excerpt from Growth of the Soil Eyah, well moving northward again, note ing time by the sun; a meal of barley cakes and goats' milk cheese, a drink of ... więcej

El Amor Brujo, Falla Manuel de
The World's Religions, Smith Huston
The World's Religions Bestseller
141,20 zł 134,10 zł

Excerpt from El Amor Brujo: Gitanería en un Acto y Dos Cuadros, Escrita Expresamente para Pastora Imperio Los comisionados y representantes de ... więcej

This book has seven basic chapters:  Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. These he calls the “Major ... więcej

Warrior Philosophy in Game of Thrones, Briers Francis
Simply Gödel, Tieszen Richard
Simply Gödel Bestseller
34,20 zł 32,50 zł

Have you ever dreamed of being a warrior? Inspired by 'Game of Thrones', the HBO TV series, this book connects the rich world of Westeros with warrior ... więcej

Kurt Gödel  (1906–1978) was born in Austria-Hungary (now the Czech Republic) and grew up in an ethnic German family. As a student, he ... więcej

None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Allen Gary
Songs of Innocence & Experience; plus The Marriage of Heaven & Hell. With 50 original colour illustrations. (Aziloth Books), Blake William

The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty. This book may have the effect of changing your life. After ... więcej

Born in London in 1757, William Blake soon showed evidence of his artistic talent. His father, a hosier, encouraged the boy's gifts, and Blake was ... więcej

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