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A Winterfold Christmas, Evans Harriet
A Winterfold Christmas Bestseller
12,30 zł 11,70 zł
Brooklyn Chess Chronicle, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint), Mu?oz J. B.& E. M.

A Winterfold Christmas is a short but sweet Christmas short story to put you in the festive mood from Sunday Times Top Five bestselling ... więcej

Excerpt from Brooklyn Chess Chronicle, Vol. 2 Treasurer. It is evident that the club still holds its organization, and we hope it is in good running order. ... więcej

The World's Religions, Smith Huston
The World's Religions Bestseller
141,20 zł 134,10 zł
Brave New World, Huxley Aldous
Brave New World Bestseller
34,70 zł 33,00 zł

This book has seven basic chapters:  Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. These he calls the “Major ... więcej

Howl, and Other Poems, Ginsberg Allen
Alice in Wonderand - with 42 Original Illustrations by Sir John Tenniel (Aziloth Books), Carroll Lewis

"Howl" is a poem written by Allen Ginsberg in 1955, published as part of his 1956 collection of poetry titled "Howl and Other Poems." Ginsberg began work ... więcej

'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' is the world's first surrealist book, written in 1865, at a time when the word surrealism had not yet been invented. ... więcej

How to Become a Millionaire!, Shoaff J. Earl
Essays in American History (Classic Reprint), Ferguson Henry

J. Earl Shoaff, Jim Rohn's personal mentor, gives the presentation that changed Jim's life! Anyone who ever heard Jim Rohn speak, knows the impact ... więcej

Excerpt from Essays in American History In the same manner, in earlier days, when the recollection of the struggle for inde pendence was still vivid, ... więcej

The Art of Effective Public Speaking, Pertwee Ernest
The Art of Effective Public Speaking Bestseller
43,00 zł 40,90 zł
Pictorial Landscape Photography (Classic Reprint), Anderson Paul Lewis

In listening to a fine speech, well delivered, the effect seems to spring from a wonderful spontaneity; all is so natural, and so apparently facile in ... więcej

Excerpt from Pictorial Landscape Photography There are certain elements which are requisite in the construe tion of a picture, and the greatest of these ... więcej

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