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The Art of Effective Public Speaking, Pertwee Ernest
The Art of Effective Public Speaking Bestseller
43,00 zł 40,90 zł
Neuromarketing in Action, Georges Patrick

In listening to a fine speech, well delivered, the effect seems to spring from a wonderful spontaneity; all is so natural, and so apparently facile in ... więcej

How to Become a Millionaire!, Shoaff J. Earl
Inside Robotics, Burch Monica
Inside Robotics Bestseller
52,80 zł 50,20 zł

J. Earl Shoaff, Jim Rohn's personal mentor, gives the presentation that changed Jim's life! Anyone who ever heard Jim Rohn speak, knows the impact ... więcej

After picking up her son from a playdate where he spent the whole time inside on a gaming console, Monica, whose son had challenges with schoolwork, decided ... więcej

Dolly Madison - Influential Women in History, Anon
Death in Venice, Mann Thomas
Death in Venice Bestseller
29,00 zł 27,50 zł

This book is part of a series on historical female figures. It features Dolly Madison, wife of James Madison, and First Lady of the United States between ... więcej

Thomas Mann (1875 - 1955) was a German novelist, short story writer, social critic, philanthropist, essayist, and 1929 Nobel Prize laureate, known for ... więcej

Five Fantastic Stories, Herbert Frank
The Wedding Planner, Speedy Publishing LLC

Collected her are five fantastic stories by Algis Budrys, Frank Herbert, Robert Sheckley, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., and Jamie Wild The Stoker and the Stars When ... więcej

The Uses of a Wedding Planning Book Planning for a wedding can be one of the most hectic time for any soon-to-be married couple. The amount of time that ... więcej

Psychology (Classic Reprint), Maher Michael
Psychology (Classic Reprint) Bestseller
87,70 zł 83,30 zł
Inside Out - Personal Excellence Through Self Discovey - 9 Steps to Radically Change Your Life Using Nlp, Personal Development, Philosophy and Action, Stubbs Gareth

Excerpt from Psychology T1115 unhoped for success which met the present work in the form in which it was printed in 1890 induced me to abstain from making ... więcej

A journey of self discovery to set and achieve dreams in your life that are totally in line with what you want to do. These 9 Steps will guide you to a ... więcej

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