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Jesse Livermore's How-To Trade in Stocks, Livermore Jesse

Time Magazine described Jesse Livermore as the most fabulous living U.S. stock trader. His progress from office boy to Wall Street legend - his trading lessons - his triumphs and disasters - is probably the most fascinating of any of Wall Street's stories. Even today, many stock and commodity traders owe Jesse Livermore a deep debt of gratitude for sharing his experiences in this book. The techniques he made public have endured through many decades right up to today; his trading rules earned him millions of dollars, provided he stayed faithful to them. Livermore ... więcej

Passing the ITIL? Foundation Exam, Pultorak Vince

This book helps people prepare for the ITIL® 2011 Edition Foundation qualification exam. It contains direct links to the full syllabus and specifies the terms and definitions required. The content of this book is based on the ITIL® 2011 Edition core guidance and APMG's ITIL Foundation Certificate syllabus edition 2011. Written by globally experienced trainers and reviewed by other professionals this unique work provides clear and concise guidance for all those seeking to achieve success at the ITIL Foundation Level. Covering: • A clear and ... więcej

Becoming a Person, Rogers Carl
Becoming a Person Bestseller
32,50 zł 30,90 zł

2015 Reprint of 1954 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition. Not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Carl Rogers was among the founders of the humanistic approach (or client-centered approach) to psychology. The person-centered approach, his own unique approach to understanding personality and human relationships, found wide application in various domains such as psychotherapy and counseling (client-centered therapy), education (student-centered learning), organizations, and other group settings. These two lectures, first delivered ... więcej

Karolcia, Kruger Maria
Karolcia Bestseller
17,50 zł 15,80 zł

- Taaaak?! - zdenerwował się teraz z kolei Piotr. - Taka jesteś ważna? A na pewno nie potrafisz stać się... niewidzialna! - Niewidzialna? - Karolcia wzruszyła ramionami. - Przecież to drobnostka dla mnie. Zaraz mogę to zrobić. _ E, śmieszna jesteś z tymi przechwałkami. Myślisz, że ci uwierzę? - szydził Piotr...

Nazi rock star, London Paul

Ian Stuart, like so many young men dreamed of a career in rock’n’roll but when in 1977 he formed Skrewdriver, a punk group based in North West England, no-one could have predicted the roller-coaster ride that he was about to endure. With two singles and an album recorded Skrewdriver were heading for the dizzy heights of rock stardom, but when their concerts became battlegrounds and gained the band a reputation that saw them banned from London’s venues, disowned by their record label and slaughtered in the music press most people would ... więcej

On Liberty and Other Essays, Mill John Stuart

This volume, containing Mill's "On Liberty", "Utilitarianism", "Considerations of Representative Government", and "The Subjection of Women", draws together the basic ideas of liberalism that, although radical in their time, have gained recognition as comprehensive and relevant fundamentals of government, economics, and logic. Since the publication of "On Liberty" in 1859, no other nineteenth century philosopher has delved so deeply into the implications of independence from the state and what it means to be truly free. The four works contained here are accessible ... więcej

Pekińska wiosna 1989, Góralczyk Bogdan
Pekińska wiosna 1989 Początki ruchu demokratycznego w Chinach Bestseller
Studio Wydawnicze Familia
23,90 zł 22,70 zł

Młodzi ludzie , bohaterowie "Pekińskiej Wiosny" 1989 roku występowali w dobrej wierze, chcieli naprawy i poprawy sytuacji. Byli niewinni , naiwni, pełni entuzjazmu i młodzieńczej werwy. Zginęli, zmiażdżeni przez totalitarny walec. O co walczyli i w jaki sposób?Jakie były ich cele?Czy mieli jakiś program? Skąd się w ogóle wzięli i dlaczego? - o tym właśnie traktuje książka.Esej o współczesnych Chinach na kanwie dramatycznych wydarzeń na ... więcej

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Carnegie Dale

This edition is cleanly formatted for easy reading. 12 point Garamond, 1.15 spacing. In his book ""How to Win Friends and Influence People"" Carnegie explains that success comes from the ability to communicate effectively and memorably with others. He provides analogies and examples, and teaches you skills to make people want to be your friend, your employee and your colleague. For more than eighty years his timeless advice has helped thousands of successful people in their business and personal lives.

Habits for Success, Rawlings Stephen

You can find information on starting your own business almost anywhere - on television, on the radio, on the Internet, in books, etc. But have you ever really thought about why you should start your own business? Whether you have or not, this book "Habits for Success - Why You Should Start Your Own Business Today" gives you compelling reasons to do so. It goes into great detail on the benefits and advantages of being an entrepreneur. Even if you do not want to pursue your own business because you have a job already or you are pursuing other things, try doing ... więcej

Zagłada Żydów Studia i Materiały Rocznik 12,

W numerze działy: Studia Sylwetki Konteksty Z warsztatów badawczych Materiały Bilanse Punkty Widzenia Omówienia, recenzje, przeglądy Wydarzenia Curiosa A w nich między innymi: Marta Janczewska o niemieckim języku urzędowym w warszawskim getcie Stephan Lehnsdaedt o zwykłych Niemcach w okupowanej Warszawie i ich wiedzy o Zagładzie Peter Black o lokalnej kolaboracji na przykładzie Sonderdienst ... więcej

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