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White Power, Rockwell George Lincoln

The last and most powerful book written by the founder of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell. Taking the philosophical concepts outlined in his earlier book, 'This Time the World,' Rockwell distilled his political message into a hard-hitting, easy-to-read volume which is guaranteed to leave the reader shaken, despite having first been published in 1966. In 1958, alone and without funds, he hung up the Swastika and founded the first openly National Socialist organization anywhere in the world after the end of the Second World War. Using dramatic ... więcej

Loonyology, Bronson Charles
Loonyology Bestseller
56,00 zł 53,20 zł

Lifer Charlie Bronson's reputation precedes him - 'Britain's most violent prisoner' - or does it? Do we really know the true Charlie, or are our impressions the result of media hype? Well, what is in no doubt is that Loonyology is 200% Bronson and will transport the reader on the dizziest no-holds-barred roller-coaster ride of their lives, from suspense and shock to laughter and tears, and from Bronson the 'Solitary King' to Bronson the Philosopher, the Poet, the Artist, the Author, the Joker, the Walking Scar and the Freedom Fighter. Now 55 years old, and ... więcej

The Dunwich Horror, Lovecraft H. P.
The Dunwich Horror Bestseller
26,90 zł 25,60 zł

Horror lies in the old, decrepit New England town of Dunwich. Outsiders visit Dunwich as seldom as possible, and since a certain season of horror all the signboards pointing towards it have been taken down. The scenery, judged by an ordinary aesthetic canon, is more than commonly beautiful; yet there is no influx of artists or summer tourists. Two centuries ago, when talk of witch-blood, Satan-worship, and strange forest presences was not laughed at, it was the custom to give reasons for avoiding the locality. Still, even today, not all is as it seems in ... więcej

The Star and the Sword, Madsen Wayne
The Star and the Sword Bestseller
106,70 zł 101,40 zł

This book, for the first time, suggests that both Israel and Saudi Arabia were intimately involved in planning and carrying out the 9/11 attack on the United States. Both countries, while seemingly enemies, have been longtime secret allies. They share a number of common enemies, including Iran, Shi'a Islam, pan-Arab nationalism, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their intelligence chiefs often meet and conspire in utmost secrecy. The Saudis and Israelis had the motive and the means to cooperate in launching a "false flag" terrorist attack on the United ... więcej

Les Miserables, Vol. 1, Hugo Victor

The iconic novel Les Miserables by renowned French novelist Victor Hugo is an absolute must read. The book was first published in 1862 and is considered to be one of the greatest novels to have been written in the 19th century. Over the years it has been adapted many times, most popularly into a musical, and more recently into a film edition of said musical. The harrowing story follows the lives of those living in the early 1800's in Paris. The main character is Jean Valjean, a man who is looking for the true path of redemption. It starts in 1815 and leads ... więcej

200 Crazy Clever Kakuro Puzzles - Volume 1, LeCompte Dave

200 Kakuro (Cross Sums) puzzles in a range of sizes from easy 3x3 puzzles up to monster 23x31 puzzles. With solutions and solving hints.

Zagłada Żydów Studia i Materiały Rocznik 12,
Towar czasowo niedostępny

W numerze działy: Studia Sylwetki Konteksty Z warsztatów badawczych Materiały Bilanse Punkty Widzenia Omówienia, recenzje, przeglądy Wydarzenia Curiosa A w nich między innymi: Marta Janczewska o niemieckim języku urzędowym w warszawskim getcie Stephan Lehnsdaedt o zwykłych Niemcach w okupowanej Warszawie i ich wiedzy o Zagładzie Peter Black o lokalnej kolaboracji na przykładzie Sonderdienst ... więcej

The Kybalion, Three Initiates

An unabridged edition of the 1908 printing: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece

Połączenia spójnościowe, Porębska Maria,  Skorupa Andrzej
Towar czasowo niedostępny

Książka zawiera podstawy projektowania połączeń spójnościowych w ogólnej budowie maszyn. W pracy przedstawiono wszystkie rodzaje złączy spójnościowych: spawane, zgrzewane, lutowane, klejone i kitowane. Jest to II wydanie książki. Poprawki polegają na nowym opracowaniu paragrafu pt. Obliczanie połączeń spawanych metodą stanów granicz-nych. Wymieniono także kilka rysunków i tablic ze względu na stosowanie nowoczesnych materiałów ... więcej

Anatomy of a Trend, Vejlgaard Henrik

A fascinating look at the predictable patterns behind trends It is one of the most puzzling mysteries of modern culture: how do changes in style and taste come about? It's all part of the inner workings of trends. In Anatomy of a Trend, pioneering trend sociologist Henrik Vejlgaard reveals this startling truth: there are actually predictable patterns behind every trend. Vejlgaard builds a captivating body of evidence that proves anyone can recognize an emerging trend, evaluate it, and make predictions as it follows its course. Includes business cases ... więcej

The Rats in the Walls, Lovecraft H. P.

The Rats in the Walls is perhaps Lovecraft's most powerful tales. The story follows Delapore as he discovers his heritage and begins a slow, terrifying descent into madness. When he reclaims his familial home which is in ruins and decides to restore it, he has no idea of the horrors he will unleash; secretes better left undisturbed. One of the finest stories of Lovecraft's entire career. -Lin Carter

The Babylonian Talmud,

The Tractate Berakoth ('Benedictions') consists of nine chapters of which only the last four are concerned with benedictions proper. The first three contain the rules for the recital of the shema' (Chapter one, Chapter two, Chapter three), the next two those for the recital of the tefillah (Chapter four, Chapter five). The Tractate first lays down the hours within which the shema' must be recited first in the evening and then in the morning - preferably in the synagogue - and then specifies a number of conditions for its recital and the persons who are exempt ... więcej

Animal Liberation, Singer Peter
Animal Liberation Bestseller
74,20 zł 70,50 zł
Travel Journal Estonia, Journal Good
Travel Journal Estonia Bestseller
59,10 zł 56,10 zł

This journal is the perfect traveling companion for anyone visiting Estonia. Plan and record all details of your trip, includes lined and blank pages for writing your daily diary and holiday planning, with handy information tailored for travelers. Lists to help you pack, plan and set budgets are included in this journal. The perfect gift for anyone visiting Estonia.

The Absorbent Mind, Montessori Maria

The Absorbent Mind was Maria Montessori's most in-depth work on her educational theory, based on decades of scientific observation of children. Her view on children and their absorbent minds was a landmark departure from the educational model at the time. This book helped start a revolution in education. Since this book first appeared there have been both cognitive and neurological studies that have confirmed what Maria Montessori knew decades ago.

Karolcia, Kruger Maria
Karolcia Bestseller
17,50 zł 15,80 zł

- Taaaak?! - zdenerwował się teraz z kolei Piotr. - Taka jesteś ważna? A na pewno nie potrafisz stać się... niewidzialna! - Niewidzialna? - Karolcia wzruszyła ramionami. - Przecież to drobnostka dla mnie. Zaraz mogę to zrobić. _ E, śmieszna jesteś z tymi przechwałkami. Myślisz, że ci uwierzę? - szydził Piotr...

The Koran,

The Saint Gaudens Modern English Version of the Holy Koran is translated from the original Arabic into modern English. It avoids the use of archaic linguistic style and conveys the original meaning in language easily understood by the modern reader of English. This volume is meant to help the general reader to understand the importance of Islam in the modern world and to assist students understand the nuances of the Koranic verse. The purpose of this work is to provide the English speaking reader with a easily readable version of the Koran. It is ... więcej

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Murphy Joseph

In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Dr. Joseph Murphy gives you the tools you will need to unlock the awesome powers of your subconscious mind. You can improve your relationships, your finances, your physical well-being. Once you learn how to use this unbelievably powerful force there is nothing you will not be able to accomplish. Join the millions of people who have already unlocked the power of their subconscious minds. I urge you to study this book and apply the techniques outlined therein; and as you do, I feel absolutely convinced that you will lay ... więcej

Perspectives On Uganda, Kharkar Nigam Prajakta

Reflections of an economist from the London School of Economics on socio-economic conditions in Uganda during her two year placement with Bank of Uganda as an Overseas Development Institute Fellow.

Wiersze pozostałe, Stachura Edward
Wiersze pozostałe Bestseller
24,00 zł 21,60 zł

Tomik Edwarda Stachury "Wiersze pozostałe" zawiera takie wiesze jak: Lato w Alpach, Włosy, Jesień, piosenki: Za dalą dal, Smutno, Ona sobie tego nie życzy oraz Oto i Listy do pozostałych.

Social Learning and Clinical Psychology, Rotter Julian B.

2017 Reprint of 1954 First.  Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software.  The main idea in Julian Rotter's social learning theory is that personality represents an interaction of the individual with his or her environment.  One cannot speak of a personality, internal to the individual, that is independent of the environment.  Neither can one focus on behavior as being an automatic response to an objective set of environmental stimuli.  Rather, to understand behavior, one must take ... więcej

HR Disrupted, Adams Lucy

HR has lost its way and needs to find a new direction.  The central question this book sets out to answer is: if we are to survive and thrive in this new, volatile business world, how do we lead, manage, engage and support our employees in a radically different way? HR departments, and companies, need to transform their approach. This entails not simply tinkering with the process or the mechanics, but taking a completely fresh look at the entire scenario. It’s the difference between spending hours deciding how many grades there should be ... więcej

Stachura-wiersze, Stachura Edward
Stachura-wiersze Bestseller
24,00 zł 21,60 zł

Wybór wierszy, poematów i piosenek znanego poety, w których zawarł swe refleksje na temat życia i przemijania.

A Hebrew Grammar (Classic Reprint), Wood Charles Travers

Excerpt from A Hebrew Grammar The following pages are an attempt to supply a want suggested by the experience of two Lecturers for the first part of the Theological Tripos at Cambridge. A few words of explanation may serve to make this clear. There is at the present time a division of opinion among teachers as to the best way of learning a new language. Some insist, especially in the case of a dead language, on a long course of grounding in grammar before anything serious is attempted in the way of reading or speaking. Others seek to minimise the learning ... więcej

The Complete & Independent Guide to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Barclay Simon

Jamala won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine with her emotional performance of "1944", in a thrilling final in Stockholm. Australia were runners-up in only their second Contest and would have won if the traditional points system had still been used. The 2016 Edition of the Complete & Independent Guide is the 9th edition of this book and as usual it's packed with details of every Contest since 1956 along with plenty of new analysis, over 313 pages, 30 more than last year. The new points system was a big change this year and its effects are covered ... więcej

A project leader's guide to recruitment and selection, Lunn Eddie

Recruitment and selection can be expensive; getting it wrong is even more so. Based on their real-world experiences, Eddie Lunn and Alan Sarsby guide you through the whole project to recruit and select the best person for the role. Includes: - The benefits of a project oriented approach. - How to lead and manage the recruitment and selection project. - How to design assessments, questions, and interviews. - How an applicant centred approach brings out the best in candidates and makes the assessment easier for you.

Unmasking the Face, Ekman Paul

Ekman and Friesen's breakthrough research on the facial expression of emotion uses scores of photographs showing emotions of surprise, fear, disgust, anger, happiness, and sadness. The authors of UNMASKING THE FACE explain how to identify these basic emotions correctly and how to tell when people try to mask, simulate, or neutralize them. It features several practical exercises that help actors, teachers, salesmen, counselors, nurses, law-enforcement personnel and physicians -- and everyone else who deals with people -- to become adept, perceptive readers ... więcej

Duży mały poradnik życia, Brown Jackson H.

Wiele wydarzyło się od jesieni 1990 roku, kiedy to przy kuchennym stole pospiesznie spisałem kilka stron rad, refleksji i spostrzeżeń dla mojego syna, Adama, który wybierał się właśnie na studia. Pierwszy zbiór ojcowskich porad zawierał 511 haseł. Co dwa lata dosyłałem mu nowe. Najbardziej z synem jesteśmy dumni z tego, że nasza korespondencja, dostępna już w 28 językach, jest ceniona na całym świecie jako wartościowe kompendium życiowych ... więcej

Układy cyfrowe, Wilkinson Barry

Książka stanowi zwięzłe, praktyczne wprowadzenie do projektowania cyfrowych układów logicznych.Może ona służyćstudentom wszystkich specjalności, uczniom szkół elektronicznych, jak również czytelnikom o średnim i wyższym wykształceniu, zainteresowanym budową i działaniem układów cyfrowych.W książce opisano:- podstawowe bramki logiczne,- algebrę Boole'a- projektowanie układów kombinacyjnych,- przerzutniki i liczniki ... więcej

Sprężyny metalowe, Branowski Bogdan

W książce zawarto kompendium wiedzy konstrukcyjnej o sprężynach. Omówiono właściwości metalowych elementów podatnych, zasady kształtowania postaci konstrukcyjnej oraz modelowania konstrukcji sprężyn śrubowych, talerzowych, płaskich i spiralnych. Przedstawiono aspekty metodologiczne, projektowania oraz algorytmizację rozwiązywania zadań projektowych.

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