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Podręczniki, gramatyki i słowniki języka angielskiego dla wszystkich grup wiekowych na każdym poziomie zaawansowania.

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A Course in English Language Teaching, Ur Penny
Super Minds 3 Presentation Plus DVD, Puchta Herbert, Gerngross Gunter, Lewis-Jones Peter

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to English language teaching, and is suitable for teachers in a variety of educational settings, including ... więcej

Written by a highly respected author team, Super Minds has been crafted to help your students achieve their full potential. Whilst exploring social values ... więcej

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Super Safari 1 Pupil's Book + DVD, Puchta Herbert, Gerngross Günter, Lewis-Jones Peter
Cambridge English Prepare! 5 Teacher's Book + DVD, McDonald Annie

Super Safari British English edition is a three-level pre-primary course that welcomes very young children to English through stories, songs and plenty ... więcej

Prepare! is a lively 7-level general English course with comprehensive Cambridge English for Schools exam preparation integrated throughout. Prepare! leaves ... więcej

Advanced Grammar in Use with Answers, Hewings Martin
Gold Greed and Glory Intermediate Book with Online Access,

The world's best-selling grammar series for learners of English. This third edition, with answers, is ideal for self-study. The book contains 100 units ... więcej

Gold is valued by many cultures for its beauty and durability, but things can get ugly when gold is involved. This reader examines the long and troubled ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
Towar czasowo niedostępny
Hippo and Friends Starter Pupil's Book, Selby Claire, McKnight Lesley
Kid's Box Second Edition Starter Flashcards,

A delightful three-level pre-school course based on songs and stories. The Pupil's Book has stories in each unit which are designed to encourage positive ... więcej

Second edition of this popular course for young learners – now seven levels including Starter. Well-loved by children and teachers the world over ... więcej

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English for Business Communication Student's book, Sweeney Simon
Unlock 3 Listening and Speaking Skills Teacher's book + DVD, Firth Matt

This short course is for learners who need to improve their ability to communicate when socialising, telephoning, presenting, taking part in meetings and ... więcej

Unlock is a four-level academic skills course that combines thought-provoking video from Discovery Education™ with carefully scaffolded exercises ... więcej

Killer Bees, Rollason Jane
Why Does Electricity Flow?, Moore Rob

This award-winning graded readers series is full of original fiction, adapted fiction and factbooks especially written for teenagers. A decision to borrow ... więcej

A series of twenty non-fiction science readers which engages children in the world around them. What is electricity? What is static electricity? Why do ... więcej

International Legal English + 3CD, Krois-Lindner Amy
Grammar for Business with Audio CD, McCarthy Michael, McCarten Jeanne, Clarc David, Clarc Rachel

International Legal English is the definitive course for learners who work ir are preparing to work in the international legal community. The book covers ... więcej

Grammar for Business with CD (Gramatyka dla firm z CD) Grammar for Business ist a must-have for business students and anyone using English in the workplace.

Towar czasowo niedostępny
Why Do Raindrops Fall? 3 Factbook, Rees Peter
Grammar Songs and Raps Teacher's Book +2CDs (2), Puchta Herbert, Devitt Matthew, Gerngross Gunther, Holzmann Christian

A series of twenty non-fiction science readers which engages children in the world around them. Why is the sea salty? Why do boats float? Why do I feel ... więcej

Songs and Grammar Raps for young learners and teens covers key grammar structures for levels A1 and A2. It offers 21 original songs and raps, one per grammar ... więcej

English at Work + CD, Cosgrove Anthony
Think 2 Video DVD, Puchta Herbert, Stranks Jeff, Lewis-Jones Peter

A photocopiable resource book designed to prepare learners for the world of work. Ideal for busy teachers, this supplementary resource book features ready-to-go ... więcej

Challenge and inspire your teenage learners to think beyond language. Think is a fresh, vibrant and upbeat course designed to engage teenage learners and ... więcej

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Cambridge English Skills Real Reading 1 with answers, Driscoll Liz
Compact First for Schools Student's Book without Answers + CD with Testbank, Thomas Barbara, Matthews Laura

A four-level skills series for adults and young adults. Learners can develop the skills they need to read English confidently wherever they are - at home ... więcej

A focused, 50–60 hour course for the revised Cambridge English: First (FCE) for Schools exam from 2015. Compact First for Schools Student's Book ... więcej

Primary Reading Box, Nixon Caroline, Tomlinson Michael
Greenman and the Magic Forest B Teacher's Resource Book, Miller Marilyn, Elliott Karen

Are you keen for your students to develop good reading skills from an early age? Are you constantly looking for suitable texts to use in the classroom? ... więcej

Greenman and the Magic Forest is a three level pre-primary English course full of surprising adventures created to help children learn English naturally. ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
Towar czasowo niedostępny
More! Level 1 Student's Book with Cyber Homework and Online Resources, Puchta Herbert, Stranks Jeff, Gerngross G., Holzmann C., Lewis-Jones P.
English Pronunciation in Use Advanced Experience with downloadable audio, Hewings Martin

MORE! Second edition is a four-level English course from highly respected authors that inspires young teenagers to learn. A code in the Student's Book ... więcej

Understand and be understood in English with the best-selling English Pronunciation in Use. Pronunciation explanations, audio and practice for advanced ... więcej

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Fun for Flyers Student's Book + Online Activities + Audio + Home Fun Booklet 6, Robinson Anne, Saxby Karen
Think Starter Class Audio 3CD, Puchta Herbert, Stranks Jeff, Lewis-Jones Peter

Fourth edition of the full-colour Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) preparation activities for all three levels of the test (Starters, Movers, Flyers) ... więcej

Challenge and inspire your teenage learners to think beyond language. This Testmaker Audio CD/CD-ROM gives teachers the flexibility to create and edit ... więcej

Fun for Starters Student's Book + Online Activities, Robinson Anne, Saxby Karen
English Pronunciation in Use Elementary Experience with downloadable audio, Marks Jonathan

Fourth edition of the full-colour Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) preparation activities for all three levels of the test (Starters, Movers, Flyers) ... więcej

English Pronunciation in Use: Elementary is a comprehensive reference and practice book for learners of English and can be used by individual learners ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
No Place to Hide, Battersby Alan
Objective Key Workbook with Answers, Capel Annette, Sharp Wendy

Award-winning original fiction for learners of English. At seven levels, from Starter to Advanced, this impressive selection of carefully graded readers ... więcej

Objective Key offers students complete, official preparation for the Cambridge English: Key (KET) exam. This is a revised and updated edition of Objective ... więcej

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