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The Osprey, Vol. 3, Johnson Walter A.
Transactions of the American Pediatric Society, Vol. 5, Crandall Floyd M.

Excerpt from The Osprey, Vol. 3: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Birds and Nature; September, 1898 Later he began to visit the American Museum for ... więcej

Excerpt from Transactions of the American Pediatric Society, Vol. 5: Fifth Session; Held at West Point, N. Y., May 24, 25 and 26, 1893 On motion, it was ... więcej

The Army War College Review, Army War College United States
The Montessori Method, Montessori Maria

The Army must learn the value of speaking truth to power as a means of achieving leadership goals. The ability to dialogue within, across, and outside ... więcej

Excerpt from The Montessori Method: Scientific Pedagogy as Applied to Child Education in "the Children's Houses", With Additions and Revisions by the Author ... więcej

Centrifugal Pumping Machinery, Laval Carl George de
Life, Torbett D.

Excerpt from Centrifugal Pumping Machinery: The Theory and Practice of Centrifugal and Turbine Pumps This book confines itself to material which has been ... więcej

Excerpt from Life: A Novelization of Thompson Buchanan's Play The general verdict among people who knew her was that Ruth Stuyvesant was an unusual girl. ... więcej

Trade Imbalances and Real Exchange Rate, Butt Mahjabeen Mushtaq

XXX and James Malory take upon an unusual mission in Moscow, Russia about a mad scientist named Gorbachev Swiss who wants to turn the earth to dust and ... więcej

Pakistan trade suffers from persistent trade deficits. It had a favourable balance of trade only twice;once in 1950-51 because of the increase in prices ... więcej

Sense - Think - Act, Szczelkun Stefan
Man Must Marry, Chapman Janet

This practical core of this book is a collection of about 200 exercises to experience basic human ability . The senses pick up information in various ... więcej

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