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The Augustinian Revolution in Theology, Allin Thomas
The Semi-Insane and the Semi-Responsible, Grasset Joseph

Excerpt from The Augustinian Revolution in Theology: Illustrated by a Comparison With the Teaching of the Antiochene Divines of the Fourth and Fifth Centuries ... więcej

Excerpt from The Semi-Insane and the Semi-Responsible: Demifous Et Demiresponsables This is the thesis for the translation Of which I thank you, as it ... więcej

Creel Census on the Upper Mississippi River (Classic Reprint), Greenbank John
The Dublin Review, Vol. 2, Author Unknown

Excerpt from Creel Census on the Upper Mississippi River In the present instance, the technical committee deemed the operation a justifiable one. The ... więcej

Excerpt from The Dublin Review, Vol. 2: January April, 1864 The Church and Modern Civilization - The Congress of Malines and Modern Liberties - Crisis ... więcej

Male Consumer Behaviour- A Gender Perspective on Advertising Response and Information Processing, Heindler Maria

The book examines the efficiency of Austrian and Hungarian international development aid policy along the EU motto "Delivering more, better and faster" ... więcej

Marketers have long been using sex as a variable in selecting target groups and designing promotional strategies, while gender has received interest only recently ... więcej

The Black Blood In My Heart, Marie La'Mena
Welsh Traditions and Superstitions - A Historical Article on the Mythology of Wales, Trevelyan Marie

The Black Blood In My Heart tells the story of a young woman’s experience and escape from domestic violence. Through her ordeal, she had to learn ... więcej

This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern ... więcej

Britannic Researches, or New Facts and Rectifications of Ancient British History (Classic Reprint), Poste Beale

It's 1966, and world famous magician, escape artist, Harry Houdini, did not die 40 years ago as people thought. He's has been in hiding from his political ... więcej

Excerpt from Britannic Researches, or New Facts and Rectifications of Ancient British History The development of our subject in recent times is certainly ... więcej

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