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Etudes Syntaxiques sur la Langue de Zola dans
The Dark Has Its Own Light, Dowell Sue

Excerpt from Etudes Syntaxiques sur la Langue de Zola dans "le Docteur Pascal": Inaugural-Dissertation Zur Erlangung Der Doktorwürde Bei Der Hohen ... więcej

The Dark Has Its Own Light chronicles the author's experience as a patient in a psychiatric hospital, at a time when limited treatment methods meant less ... więcej

The Extraordinary Military Career of John Shipp, Shipp John
Second Annual Report of the City of Somersworth, H. Somersworth N.

The entertaining memoirs of a British soldier of the empire As the eighteenth century turned to the nineteenth the rise of Napoleon and the First Empire ... więcej

Excerpt from Second Annual Report of the City of Somersworth: Containing Mayor's Inaugural Address, an Account of the Receipts and Expenditures, the Reports ... więcej

The Philosophy of Roger Imhof, Imhof Roger
Cyprian und der Römische Primat, Koch Hugo

Excerpt from The Philosophy of Roger Imhof: A Brochure of Orphics, Epics, Poems and Epigrams What is in store ahead for him, How the fates - they may ... więcej

Excerpt from Cyprian und der Römische Primat: Eine Kirchen-und Dogmengeschichtliche Studie Cyprian kennt kein Papsttum, weder in der Dogmatik noch ... więcej

To the Mountains of the Moon, Moore J. E. S.
God's Poetry, Livingstone Dee

Excerpt from To the Mountains of the Moon: Being an Account of the Modern Aspect of Central Africa and of Some Little Known Regions Traversed by the Tanganyika ... więcej

Fifteen years ago during my daily devotional time, God said, "Write!”  But being human, I said "But God..."  And again, God said "Write!" ... więcej

Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol. 3 (Classic Reprint), Society Maryland Historical
Bob at the Lake, Murphy R.
Bob at the Lake
55,30 zł 52,50 zł

Excerpt from Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol. 3 Terror seems for a time to have taken possession of the people and all sorts Of rumors were circulated ... więcej

What would happen if Roz, a crabby woman of a certain age, moved to the wintry shores of a New York lake-and got a ghost? And not just any ghost, mind ... więcej

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