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Forty-Two Years of Bee-Keeping in New Zealand, 1874-1916, Hopkins Isaac
The Rule of Law in the Athenian Democracy, Laracy Bede

Excerpt from Forty-Two Years of Bee-Keeping in New Zealand, 1874-1916: Some Reminiscences My queen trade developed very rapidly, and for a considerable ... więcej

After the reign of tyranny in Athens in 6th century BC, the idea of democracy began to emerge through the reforms of Cleisthenes, and Athens developed ... więcej

Poultry Fancier, Vol. 16, Co Poultry Fancier Publishing
The Cardinal Virtues (Classic Reprint), Hyde William Dewitt

Excerpt from Poultry Fancier, Vol. 16: July, 1911 Plan we never so wisely and yet our plans ma f miscarry. There is always the possibility of the omission ... więcej

Excerpt from The Cardinal Virtues Whether in Cuba or the Klondike, in camp or in college, wherever men live together in close quarters, there they form ... więcej

An Introduction to Constraint-Based Temporal Reasoning, Barták Roman
A Perilous Question, Finlay Barry

Solving challenging computational problems involving time has been a critical component in the development of artificial intelligence systems almost since ... więcej

Strong, independent and divorced Marcie Kane is on a much needed vacation in Tanzania, Africa when her enjoyment of everything the country has to offer ... więcej

The Barrier, Beach Rex

Tissue damage in the naturally infected intestine of the popular edible fish Parastromateus niger by the acanthocephalan parasite Serrasentis niger Bilqees ... więcej

Excerpt from The Barrier: A Novel South, and that Meade Burrell came fort branch, the branch that had raised the soldiers. About the Publisher Forgotten ... więcej

Indian Logic and Atomism, Keith Arthur Berriedale
Dette publique et investissement privé au cameroun, KAME  BABILLA-T

Excerpt from Indian Logic and Atomism: An Exposition of the Nyāya and Vaiçeṣika Systems Considerations of space have rendered it necessary ... więcej

La crise de la dette souveraine des pays de la Zone euro remet en lumière la question de la dette publique.En réalité,trois écoles ... więcej

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