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Acute Care - Homeopathy for Knee Injuries and Pain, Rona Donna C.
Large Eddy Simulation of Flow over Bluff Bodies, Pahinkar Darshan

The knee joint is one of the most complex structures in the body, and more likely to be injured than any other joint. It is subjected to constant pounding ... więcej

Cross flow over bluff bodies has always been the important topic of study in the field of Fluid Mechanics. Though flow over cylinder and sphere is studied ... więcej

Real Options
Thoughts on Revelation Life, Westcott Brooke Foss

This book describes a comprehensive approach to identify and deal with real options "in" projects, that is, those real options (flexibility) that are integral ... więcej

Excerpt from Thoughts on Revelation Life: Being Selections From the Writings of Brooke Foss Westcott The Lessons of Literature and Art, with their unique ... więcej

Leisure Hours (Classic Reprint), Hicklin John
Leah and Candace Leap Into Spring, Everly Laura

Excerpt from Leisure Hours "Never in the annals of pen, ink, and paper," says an amusing writer in the Literary Magnet, "was there known such an awful ... więcej

Leah and Candace Leap Into Spring begins the first day of school at Nash Elementary after Christmas break. The girls are third graders. Frannie Lynn, ... więcej

First Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Ohio, Health Ohio State Board of
Science Education in Context,

Excerpt from First Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Ohio: For the Year Ending October 31, 1896 The law creating a State Board ... więcej

This book presents an international perspective of the influence of educational context on science education. The focus is on the interactions between ... więcej

The Mystery of Iniquity Unveiled, Curtis Chandler
Asbury and His Coadjutors, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint), Larrabee William Clark

Excerpt from The Mystery of Iniquity Unveiled: Or, Popery Unfolded and Refuted, and Its Destination Shown in the Light of Prophetic Scripture, in Seven ... więcej

Excerpt from Asbury and His Coadjutors, Vol. 2 Men raised up by Providence for Special purposes - men of eminent qualifications for the work of the times ... więcej

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