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Highlands, Shaffner Randolph Preston
Boston & Maine in the 19th Century, Heald Bruce D.

Perched on the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains and founded in 1875 as a health and summer resort, the town of Highlands in Western North Carolina enjoys ... więcej

All the romance of early railroading in northern New England pervades Boston & Maine in the 19th Century. This fascinating journey begins in the 1830s ... więcej

Detroit's Mexicantown, Rodriguez Maria Elena
Hazlet Township, Longo William B.

Mexican immigrants began to settle in Detroit at the beginning of the 20th century. They were attracted by the jobs available in the automobile industry ... więcej

Hazlet Township--originally composed of four separate villages known as Hazlet, Mechanicsville, North Centerville, and West Keansburg--celebrates its ... więcej

Roxborough, Del Collo Deborah
Reno, Clifton Guy
99,50 zł 94,50 zł

Eleven tracts of land established by William Penn in 1682 gave Roxborough its start as an important and vibrant neighborhood in Philadelphia. Early pioneers ... więcej

Reno has always been a small town where big things happen. Long before it adopted the slogan "The Biggest Little City in the World," Reno was visited by ... więcej

Old Cucamonga, Dietl Edward
Manitou Springs, Harrison Deborah

To its first inhabitants, the Tongvan Kucamonga tribe, cucamonga meant "land of many waters," referring to the area's numerous streams flowing down from ... więcej

Hidden between the Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak lies the magical town of Manitou Springs. Drawn to the healing waters of its numerous mineral springs ... więcej

Bay Area Roller Derby, Seltzer Jerry
Palmetto Women, Chepesiuk Ron

Roller Derby found a home in the San Francisco Bay Area following its Depression-era Chicago origins. An early television sensation, it faded to a modest ... więcej

Women have played a prominent role in shaping South Carolina's history through active participation in many aspects of the state's development, from securing ... więcej

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