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God's Fire on Ice, Gordon Kayy
Beyond The White Curtain, McGrath Shirley

At the age of twenty-two, Kayy Gordon headed for the Arctic Circle to be a missionary among the Inuit. There she adapted to the land of the midnight sun ... więcej

Twelve-year-old Stephanie's life is turned upside down when her dear Matka dies. The family is just beginning to pull itself together when calamity strikes ... więcej

To Each Their Own Camino, Edwards Roxey
My Life in Institutions and My Way Out, Kennedy Michael Joseph

There I was, an average middle-aged woman living and working on Canada's west coast. How, then, did I come to be walking this ancient path, family and ... więcej

This is the story of Michael Kennedy's life. Born in 1960 with significant disabilities, he describes his early experiences living in three different ... więcej

From Vanderhoof to Lower Post, Reierson Clem
Of Unseen Things Above, Brown Myrna

A true wilderness adventure that took place in northern British Columbia in the fall of 1954. Clem Reierson was hired by Willard (Wilf) Freer to help take ... więcej

THEA, A YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN, HAS A PASSION - an innate desire to serve as a missionary in West Africa. Her longing takes her to Burkina Faso, West Africa ... więcej

Losing Home, Fiala-Watson JK
Gunfight at the Haywire Blacksmith Shop, Artz Donald

Who's Going to Be There in Your Final Days? Losing Home is an engaging real-life tale of one woman's 5-decade long association with her childhood home ... więcej

Thought-provoking, humorous, and only a half-step away from reality, this collection of short stories by Donald Artz tours the reader through a world of ... więcej

Sally's Stomach, Flight Claude
History of the Celts, Donoghue Clayton N.

Sally is having a good time playing games and eating sweets at a birthday party. When it is time to leave, she gets upset and cries. She cries so much ... więcej

Despite all the books that have been written on the Celts there is still new material to learn about these mysterious people who lived in Europe 2,000 ... więcej

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