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Journey Back To Watooka, Connolly Steve
Waiting For Chester, Kasper J.

Open Journey Back To Watooka and take a reading leap out of your ordinary world into one that is truly unique, remarkable and mesmerizing ... that of Guyana. ... więcej

As an autobiography, "Waiting for Chester" relates the youthful adventures of the youngest member of an immigrant family. Arriving in Canada, from Europe ... więcej

Exploring the Depths, Olsen Fran Laurie
Half-Truths Total Lies, Weich Lin

With Soul Journeys Series: Exploring the Depths, a lovely and mature collection of artwork, poetry, and introspection, author Fran Laurie Olsen welcomes ... więcej

In a small, rural, northern village, the detective assigned to investigate a young teacher's death is frustrated by a lack of evidence and struggles to ... więcej

A Very Personal Leadership, Dougall PhD Colleen Mac
Life Happens To Us, Ashta-deb

Before leadership becomes a role or a position used to influence others, it is a personal story. It is a story about early memories, choices, mentors, ... więcej

In this heartbreaking, extremely personal memoir of a life touched by profound tragedy, author Ashta-deb invites readers into her world in the hopes that ... więcej

Rio, Morton Orde
More Than Acupuncture, Wang Martin

Rio de Janeiro's is a lush, complex history that spans five centuries, and Marvelous City is the first full length retelling of that history written in ... więcej

Acupuncture has become more popular in recent years because it can help many patients who have not found relief through conventional medicine. As people ... więcej

Developing a Transformational English Ministry in Chinese Churches, Todd Matthew R. S.
Manage Your Stress, Ajake Dr. Uchenna Egodi

If you want to discuss development and transitions of a growing English ministry you've come to the right book. If recruiting and training youth workers ... więcej

The natural role of the present day man is anxiety. The story of stress is as old as humanity. Life itself centers on stress and how to conquer it. The ... więcej

Ghosts of Lyarra, Shishkin Damian
Secret Keepers, Alexander Sue

Five years have passed since the battle of Earth, and the Lyarran Empire has begun to grow dark with a looming shadow. Once revered as a Goddess, Iana ... więcej

Deep in the southern timberlands of Arkansas, along a winding country road you will find a cottage on a hill. It's June of 1959 and Sabrina is eleven and ... więcej

Pieces of Heaven, Beer Gabriel L.
Rise of the Purple Orchid, Umbao Aberin-Marchan Mary Jane

A child, a teenager, an adult, and his journey of inspiration in a world that has created a new one. A world of unforgettable feelings, a world of unbearable ... więcej

Rise of the Purple Orchid is the introduction to the story of Fino Andori, a boy who discovers his destiny between the enchanted and realistic worlds. ... więcej

Empire of Ashes, Shishkin Damian
Obligated No More, Conway Kristine

Fifty years have passed since the Dark Lord was beaten, and little of what once was the Empire of Light remains. Humanity has risen high to take the reins ... więcej

Are you putting in countless hours at work? Are you a single parent? Have you ever woke up and wondered where the last twenty years went? Ever asked yourself ... więcej

I Have Squirrels in my Belly, Hammond Trish
The Music In Me, Parry Fred G.

"I have squirrels in my belly, Mom. There are two of them, I'm sure of it!" The two mischievous squirrels that live inside Timothy love to make his heart ... więcej

Fred Parry lives in Southern Ontario. He is a lover of people and a collector of stories, music, wisdom, and grandchildren. His newspaper column, Music ... więcej

The Canadian Nightingale, Cooper Jane
James Legge and the Chinese Classics, Bowman Marilyn Laura

April 4, 1915, Bertha Crawford bowed to tumultuous applause before a glittering audience at the Tsar's Imperial Mariinsky Theatre. How had a young soprano ... więcej

James Legge (1815-1897), was a great Scots scholar and missionary famed as a translator of the Chinese Classics when struggles between Britain and China ... więcej

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