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Consciousness and the Source of Reality, Jahn Robert G
Margins of Reality, Jahn Robert G.

When Robert G. Jahn and Brenda J. Dunne first embarked on their exotic scholarly journey more than three decades ago, their aspirations were little higher ... więcej

WHAT HAS MODERN SCIENCE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG? This pioneering work, which sparked intense controversy when it was first published two decades ago, suggests ... więcej

Bava's Gift, Urheber Michael
Quirks of the Quantum Mind, Jahn Robert G.

Based on events that can only be described as miraculous, BAVA'S GIFT brings together ideas in science and spirituality, and delivers a fresh and engaging ... więcej

BOTH A REFLECTION AND A PRODUCT OF THE MIND This book does not offer a quantum mechanical 'explanation' of human consciousness. Rather, it proposes something ... więcej

Filters and Reflections,
The Spirit of Spinoza, Grossman Neal

When confronting the unexplained, it is helpful to consider it from many different points of view. In an essay published in 2004, entitled "Sensors, Filters ... więcej

BENEDICT SPINOZA was a 17th century philosopher and spiritual psychotherapist. This intellectual self-help book provides important insights from Spinoza's ... więcej

Rivers of Wind, Kessler Ben
In the Beginning,

In the midst of ecological catastrophe, indigenous persecution, and the attempted mechanization of the living world, the beauty of the earth remains defiantly ... więcej

IN THE BEGINNING: CREATION MYTHS FROM AROUND THE WORLD is a beautifully illustrated and informative collection of creation stories from 15 cultures, using ... więcej

Molecular Memories, Jahn Robert G.
Being & Biology,

In 1979, Bob Jahn and Brenda Dunne, two individuals with vastly different backgrounds, experiences, and styles, and who had little in common beyond a shared ... więcej

Is consciousness actually the Life Force . . .the animating principle which underlies and unifies mind, body, and spirit in all living things, and which ... więcej

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