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Handbook of Food Additives,
Current Researches in Skeletal Muscle,

This detailed book mainly focuses on food additives and provides valuable information. A food additive is any substance which is neither usually consumed ... więcej

This book, written by renowned experts, provides a comprehensive knowledge of skeletal muscles. The book presents a broad variety of subjects connected ... więcej

Engineering Management,

Sintering is an intricate phenomenon, commonly defined as the process of producing an object from fines or powders. This process is considered to be complex ... więcej

This book combines engineering principles with business practice, i.e. it gives a consolidation of the primary fields of engineering and technology with ... więcej

Gastric Carcinoma,
Encyclopedia of Alternative and Renewable Energy,

This book highlights the management as well as advances in gastric carcinoma. In various analyses of cancer-related deaths across the world, gastric cancer ... więcej

A renewable energy source is described as a naturally occurring inexhaustible source of energy. Worldwide debate on environmental issues and energy crisis ... więcej

Encyclopedia of Glaucoma,
System of Systems Engineering,

Glaucoma is basically described as the condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, resulting in a gradual loss of eyesight. This book covers topics ... więcej

Various aspects related to engineering of system of systems have been highlighted in this comprehensive book. It presents and promotes analysis on present ... więcej

Handbook of Molecular Imaging,
Encyclopedia of Alternative and Renewable Energy,

This profound book provides an excellent analysis of molecular imaging. Practical approach represents the red thread through the entire book, simultaneously ... więcej

This book covers topics related to photovoltaic generations, its unique scientific ideas and technical solutions. Issues related to the capability of solar ... więcej

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