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Servant Warrior Leader, Johnson Phil
Wise Words, Morrison Deborah

Phil Johnson is a highly sought-after business consultant and founder of the Master of Business Leadership (MBL) program credited with helping Fortune ... więcej

Deborah Morrison and Arvind Singh, co-authors of The Law of Attraction - Making it Work for You! now offer a new breakthrough book - Wise Words offers ... więcej

Content Marketing Made Easy, Crossman Susan
Connecting - Rewire Your Relationship-Culture, Lorient-Faibish Victoria

"Susan Crossman, marketing expert and author of several critically acclaimed books, offers clear, easy-to-follow advice to make anyone - even a complete ... więcej

Victoria Lorient-Faibish would like to help create healthy relationships now! Connecting: Rewire Your Relationship-Culture is about changing what isn't ... więcej

StreetSmart Marketer, Hepworth Michael
Law of Attraction, Morrison Deborah

A majority of small businesses fail, most within a few years of start-up, some after a generational change in management. Nearly two-thirds of such firms ... więcej

"Outstanding! The most in-depth explanation of how to use the Law of Attraction to get practical results I've seen yet. Get this one!" - Dr. Joe Vitale ... więcej

Why Everybody Hates Toronto, Davie Michael B
We, the Living, Schweitzer Michael J

This is the book Toronto doesn't want you to read! Tired of Hogtown's constant preening, pretentiousness and pomposity? This book is for you. This book ... więcej

Not since The Lord of the Rings has there been such a fascinating fantasy trilogy. Within weeks, an Empire, which ruled the world for a thousand years ... więcej

Stepping Up to a Happy Stepfamily, Ward Blythe
Jackman's Cliff, Jackman Cliff

Blythe Ward brings more than 20 years experience to her work as an expert in the art and science of building happy stepfamilies. Stepping Up to a Happy ... więcej

Be prepared to be taken down some dark twisting roads as you journey through the mind of Cliff Jackman. This engaging set of six short stories is filled ... więcej

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