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Exclusive Breastfeeding as Contraceptive, Akokuwebe Monica Ewomazino
Consumer Choice, Ritter Jeff

This book is the outcome of an empirical study on the knowledge, attitude and practice of exclusive breastfeeding as a contraceptive in Ibadan Metropolis ... więcej

Dedicated to consumers and decision makers in the health care industry. The focus involves consumerism,responsibility, and health care choice. Additionally ... więcej

Diseno y Optimizacion de Procesos Industriales Multietapa, Ram Rez Fern Ndez Francisco Javier
How to Manage and Measure Employer Branding, Kainz Simone

El presente trabajo expone un procedimiento de diseño y optimización de procesos combinados de deformación plástica multietapa ... więcej

Years ago employer branding was assumed to be a short-lived trend of human resource management but over the recent years it has become anchored in organizational ... więcej

Intelligent facade system with active thermal protection, Kalús Daniel
Graphic Novels and Multimodal Literacy, Hammond Heidi

This book deals with active thermal protection of buildings. It is about a new heating and cooling system which might be use as a renewable energy source. ... więcej

Graphic novels have attracted much media attention in recent years. Blockbuster movies based on graphic novels and the popularity of manga have increased ... więcej

Aleatory and Serialism, Haber Yotam
Risk Perception of Agricultural Biotechnology in India, Chong Mark

Franco Donatoni is best known for his works after 1967, music that exemplifies an inventive, virtuosic style, often treating instruments ... więcej

Several researchers have proposed that the moral aspects of risk provide a better explanation and prediction of risk perception than the psychometric or ... więcej

Examining the function of cytoskeleton-associated proteins in yeast, Hwang Eric
Sing From the Heart, Sing for the People, Gooding Erik

The budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has always been an excellent model organism for studying conserved biological processes. This book presents ... więcej

This study focuses on the vocal music of the Dakotan-speaking American Indian peoples of the Northern Plains of the United States and Canada: the Lakota ... więcej

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