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Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Parthenium, Naseer Iqnaa
Reading Samuel Beckett's The Unnamable as a Poststructural Narrative, Nayebpour Karam

Remedial aspects of plants are owing to existence of secondary metabolites that act as armaments to shield plant body besides trepidation organisms. It ... więcej

Questioning lies at the core of Samuel Beckett's fictional worlds. In The Unnamable, the thinking ability of the Cartesian I is questioned from the very ... więcej

Bacterial metabolism of melanoidins from distillery effluent, Bharagava Ram Naresh
Biodiversity from Mangroves of Uran Coast, Navi Mumbai, India, Pawar Prabhakar

This book describes the bacterial metabolism of melanoidins: A maillard products found in distillery wastewater, characterization of melanoidin degrading ... więcej

Mangrove forests are among the world's most productive ecosystems and cover an area of about 18 X 106 hectares. They are the only forests situated at the ... więcej

A Fast Feedback Control System Using FPGA for RF Signals, Jana Joydip
African Traditional Religion (A.T.R) and Christianity in Kenya, Macharia Fred

In accelerators, RF system is required to produce electromagnetic fields in accelerating structures that interact with charged particles and accelerate ... więcej

As we have already seen, prosperity Gospel is a channel-tapping people away from the kingdom highway (John 14:6, Isaiah 35:8). Their preaching is good ... więcej

Economic Integration and Human Development, Watanabe Kanji
Bactéria Escherichia coli DH1?C31, Áurea dos Santos Adara

This dissertation investigates the impact of economic integration on human development, considering the missing links among economic integration, economic ... więcej

Um dos grandes obstáculos para a aplicação da Terapia Gênica na prática médica é a construção ... więcej

A Thermoeconomics Approach to Water Treatment Optimisation, Norman Ross
Analysis of Media Coverage of the Green House Project, Goldensoph Katie

This book involves the use of a thermodynamic concept called exergy analysis to analyse and optimize a Multi-Stage Flash desalination plant. Two different ... więcej

People have a choice on how and where they want to live out the remaining years of their lives. Happiness and quality of life should not be a question; ... więcej

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