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Quality of Care Provided to Pwd in Gaza, Zaqout Bassam
Synthesis of Structured Phospholipids with Conjugated Linolenic Acid, Quezada Nathalie

The study aimed to explore the quality of care provided to Persons with in Gaza in order to enable the development of corrective strategies that improves ... więcej

Structured phospholipids with conjugated linolenic acid were produced for potential applications in nutraceuticals and functional foods. Structured phospholipids ... więcej

The experience of music therapy in the hospice, Leow Qi He Mabel
Real-Time Business Intelligence & Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithm, Tank Darshan

Music therapy is often used as a complementary therapy in the hospice to allow for a more holistic care. Despite clinical observations on the effectiveness ... więcej

In the competitive world of business, the survival of a company depends on how fast they are able to recognize changing business dynamics and challenges ... więcej

Some Algorithms on Intersection Graphs, Barman Sambhu Charan
Simplified Models for Morphological Evolution   of Rivers and Lagoons, Fasolato Giacomo

In this monograph, we have designed some sequential algorithm to solve some problems on interval graphs, permutation graphs and trapezoid graphs. In chapter ... więcej

Morphodynamics of sedimentary systems is nowadays a fundamental piece of knowledge for civil and environmental engineers involved in fluvial and ... więcej

Security Testing for Web Applications in Sdlc, Gande Someshwar
India - a Nuclear Weapons Power, Kerttunen Mika

The main objectives of this research are to gather the benefits and challenges of security testing in the last phase versus security testing in every phase ... więcej

This study examines the intentions of Indian foreign and nuclear policies. Applying the notion of strategic culture and the speech act theory, the book ... więcej

Thermoplastic Natural Rubber, Narathichat Maswanee
Vremennaya Perspektiva, Davydova Irina

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are rubbery materials with properties and functional performance similar to those of conventional vulcanized rubber. Interest ... więcej

Vremennaya perspektiva cheloveka sobytiyna. Vydelenie situatsii, kak sobytiya svoey zhizni, chasto okazyvaetsya svyazannym s neobkhodimost'yu spravlyat'sya ... więcej

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