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Reactive Oxygen Species, Antioxidants and Polyphenols, Karan Maninder
Online Visual Merchandising, Katrandjiev Hristo

Antioxidants have attracted immense interest of researchers because of their implied role in the protection of biological systems. Though all living organisms ... więcej

Over the last years the online trade is growing rapidly. Web stores are selling more and more goods and the principles of merchandising are finding new ... więcej

Reading Samuel Beckett's The Unnamable as a Poststructural Narrative, Nayebpour Karam
Ielts Academic Writing, Haji Pour Nezhad Gholam Reza

Questioning lies at the core of Samuel Beckett's fictional worlds. In The Unnamable, the thinking ability of the Cartesian I is questioned from the very ... więcej

IELTS Academic Writing guides readers in a step-by-step fashion from beginning to advanced levels of writing proficiency. The book starts with an introductory ... więcej

An Analysis of Errors in the Use of English Verbs in Students' Essay, Ilupeju Catherine
Alienation in Edward Hopper's and Jackson Pollock's Paintings, Dalirian Zohreh

Book Title: Analysis of errors in the use of English Verbs in secondary school student Essay. Sub - Title: "Error Analysis in Essay Writing". Blurb: ... więcej

In this thesis I study alienation in Edward Hopper's and Jackson Pollack's paintings. Each of these American painters expressed alienation in his art in ... więcej

A Practitioner's Guide to Data Science, Balakrishnan C.
Sense of Place, Milling Charles

Describing Data Science is like trying to describe the silence of the forest- it should be easy, but somehow capturing the words is impossible. Data Science ... więcej

Sense of Place is a fascinating concept. It has been studied in many different disciplines and from several different perspectives; including geography ... więcej

Corrosion in the aircraft industry, Atiyah Alaa
Concept art and graphics development for video game Puzzle Worlds, Linde Aivis

This book is interests in the corrosion occurrence in airplanes through the review of the parts of airplanes and the materials which may be used, in addition ... więcej

The author believes that all the development stages of the video game are very important. The game could not be powered without programming and development ... więcej

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