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On Heights & Hunger, MacIvor-Andersen Josh
The Lost Sketchbook of Edgar Degas, Chessman Harriet Scott

A lyrical memoir of athleticism and spirituality-and the first personal account of professional tree-climbing. A sweeping, muscular story about experiencing ... więcej

A lyrical novel about what art can reveal, and a nuanced imagining of the people who influenced Edgar Degas and his work. With key roles for beloved Degas ... więcej

Nothing Short Of,
What Becomes Us, Perks Micah

Gems, shards, quickies, bon bons, snapshots, nuggets, tickles, or even pinpricks. Each 100 Word Story is its own kind of special. NOTHING SHORT OF presents ... więcej

A modern-day pioneer in search of a new life, pregnant Evie leaves her abusive husband and lands in a close-knit community divided by local colonial history—a ... więcej

The Marble Army, Firmino Gisele
Trip, Hung Mindy

Essential reading for the 2016 Rio Olympics, spanning the '60s through the '80s, THE MARBLE ARMY is a lyrical testament to the families transformed by ... więcej

Children of the Country, Shaffer Abigail R.
IRL, Reed Timmy

A powerful debut novel about modern rural life, where escaping cycles of violence collides with old traditions and beliefs. Both lyrical and unflinching.

A dark comic novella about living offline and finding community in the heart of Baltimore.

Following Disasters, McCabe Nancy
The Well-Stocked and Gilded Cage, Lenhart Lawrence

A contemporary ghost story about a young girl finding independence after losing her parents and being betrayed by friends. Each character is haunted by ... więcej

A debut collection on the unexpected ties between humans, animals and the bigger world around us. Lenhart writes on the bleeding edge of creative non-fiction ... więcej

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