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Why Do You Think I Call You Mama? A Journey Through Dementia, Keys Deborah
Couples of the Bible, Burke Grace Allman

When her own mother does not recognize her, a daughter is faced with the reality of how dementia has stolen her mother's mind. Deborah Keys offers readers ... więcej

"Couples of the Bible" is written for young adults, providing insight and information into the joys and challenges of marriage. Each of the nine chapters ... więcej

God's Gentle Nudges, Cameron Connie
Turning Our Frowns into Smiles, Hoffman Rev. Dr. Marshall L.

A new and smile-producing look at the parables of Jesus will banish the traditional stereotype of a gloomy Jesus. Jesus, the Master Teacher, used subtle ... więcej

Faith on a Sticky Note, McKinney Mark
Holy Ways in Holidays, Crossley Jerry

Do you ever doubt your faith in God because you never had that one defining 'salvation moment' that other Christians talk about - you know the one where ... więcej

Do you find yourself lost in the celebration of holidays and forgetting the "reason for the season"? Are you looking for simple reminders to look beyond ... więcej

Cast Up a Highway, Clanahan Mary
God's Patient Pursuit of My Soul, Manion Chris

Cancer Unemployment Divorce Infertility Have any of these unexpected and sometimes frightening life events happened to you? Do you sometimes struggle ... więcej

You seek Him. He comes to you. Do you dare surrender your heart? When high achiever, direct-selling superstar, Chris Manion, encountered the idea that ... więcej

We Need to Talk, Mearse Adam
Lazarus Effect, Veirs Daniel Paul

Forget About The Talk ! Sexuality is a conversation that needs to start right now. Our sex-saturated Western culture communicates myriad ideas to young ... więcej

A voice sounded in the void. "It is time to begin, Gabriel Catrell." Gabe looked around, even though he knew it was useless in the blacker-than-black darkness. ... więcej

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