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I Want More!, O'Brien Michael J.
Sede Vacante!, Ruby Griff

Are you experiencing a void in your life? Are you a nominal Christian and lack zeal for the Church? Have you become complacent, content, and satisfied ... więcej

Many concerned Catholics today, seeing the ways and teachings of Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis), are asking themselves, Can that man be a real Catholic ... więcej

Veteran via Grace, Feezel James Martin
Love's Fabric Woven Together, Green-Williams et al A. L.

This is my effort to relate a profound experience that may provide real understanding to any individual who is interested in the question, Is there really ... więcej

Quilts are made of many multi-colored patches of varying design. Alone, each square is nothing but a tiny piece of a bigger puzzle. Together, these patches ... więcej

Shards of Light and Threads of Thought, Lee Mary Elizabeth
Hot Mess, Rhodes-Franks Lynette

'p'I think of the many minds who have met this poet'rsquo;s love of life. Her life and travels have given her many things to include in her poetry and ... więcej

Hot Mess is a compilation of poems both old and new. Franks writes poetry inspired by events of her life. There are ups and downs; some are easy to read ... więcej

The Death Myth, Rossiter Brian M.
Into the Red Mist, Kupris Gerald P

Is death the end of our story, or do we go on? If life does continue after death, where and how will we live? What happens to us after we die is not only ... więcej

Everyone goes into the red mist. At some point in ones life, one faces the mists reality, and, for most, thats when life really begins. This story about ... więcej

A Spy in Nightfall, Graphman Wm. Matthew
Memoir of a Second Marriage in a Digital World, Jazzy Paul

Six months have passed since Taya, Guntharr and the others recovered the damaged Talisman of Alterian, the only hope to proving that Taya is the rightful ... więcej

When Luke's wife died in 2006, Luke struggled with loneliness and depression. He day-traded stocks and regularly visited casinos to escape world realities. ... więcej

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