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I Want More!, O'Brien Michael J.
Jonah, the Federal Sleuth, Lee Mitchell

Are you experiencing a void in your life? Are you a nominal Christian and lack zeal for the Church? Have you become complacent, content, and satisfied ... więcej

It sounds like the plot for a great novel: A young man turns away from Christ and joins the Army, where he works on helicopters before becoming an assassin ... więcej

Find Your Place and Breathe for the First Time, Weinstein Gary
The First Temptation, Zackrison Edwin

We get one chance at life. There are no practice shots. No do-overs and theres no extra credit for good intentions. So, if lifes challenges are not ... więcej

In Christian thought, original sin is the theological term for describing the state or condition of universal sinfulness where humans are found as the ... więcej

The Billboard Burner, Sue Busby Bobbie
Of Roots and Wings, Myaing Wai Wai

Forty-two-year-old Mark Smythe cannot help but wonder if the whole world has gone mad—or if it is just him. Although he has always appreciated nature ... więcej

This family story begins in the colonial days of Myanmar (then called Burma), and it's an important historical account that sheds light on the country's ... więcej

Hellfire, Green Sr. Rodney
Searching for God, Sears Charles

Although they say God is everywhere, he is nowhere to be found in these stories. Instead, Satan takes the driver's seat in the lives of five individuals ... więcej

“Searching for God” is an essay sequel to “The Search for God” by the same author. It’s a book of quotations about God, ... więcej

From Africa to America, Eminash Emma

My book of poetry contains inspirational poems of love for a Mother and a Mothers love, blessings in life, love of family, love to share, Gods gifts and ... więcej

Life is about confronting challenges and living our dreams. And for one young girl growing up in East Africa, overcoming negativity and striving for the ... więcej

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