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Sweet Life of Mystery, Michaels Steven
God Is My Soul Provider, Walton Minister Mattie Pearl

Meriwether Humperdinck-and yes, that's his real name-was a private detective who had never had an interesting case-that is until he met Igor Mortimer Blackhead-and ... więcej

Imagine walking to school in shoes that do not fit. It takes you so long to walk to school that by the time you get there, school's over. Your father ... więcej

Dreams Designed by God for You, Rapin Betty Jane
Mother Cub, Perry Susan Lynn

Dreams can inspire us, frighten us, and open a new world of discovery. But interpreting our dreams is often difficult, if not impossible. Finding a reliable ... więcej

Imagine that you are the mother of a beautiful baby boy. Your bundle of joy was born perfectly healthy with ten little fingers and ten little toes. He ... więcej

Look Under the Sheet, Van Amstel Gerard
Trial by Choice, Hartman Ralph D.

The 1950s was a time of great prosperity for many Americans. Gerard and Christina van Amstel came to America with many dreams and hopes. They worked hard ... więcej

"There are no atheists in the foxholes"-William Thomas Cummings There is certainly no atheist in one foxhole because in its freezing mud and snow we ... więcej

The Carcassonne Connection, Kimball Chuck
And Other Duties As Assigned, Blount T. Theodora

Lyle Mercer is a deep cover, black ops agent with the CIA. He is assigned to find and assassinate a high-ranking drug lord in the highland jungle of Columbia. ... więcej

This book was written as a motivational and training guide for support staff, but just about anyone working in any corporate environment could benefit ... więcej

The Cusp of Dreadfulness, Winslow Margaret
Nothing Is Forever, Harris Helga

It was December 1974 when Margaret Winslow arrived in Punta Arenas, the only city on the Strait of Magellan, prepared to begin her doctoral thesis project. ... więcej

In There's a Witch in My Room , the author laments that during her formative teenaged years she had to share her bedroom with her eighty- year-old grouchy ... więcej

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