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I Want More!, O'Brien Michael J.
Protecting History, Chatfield B. J.

Are you experiencing a void in your life? Are you a nominal Christian and lack zeal for the Church? Have you become complacent, content, and satisfied ... więcej

George Marsh is a middle-aged security guard used to blending into the walls at the famous British Museum. One afternoon when he secures the gallery for ... więcej

Jonah, the Federal Sleuth, Lee Mitchell
The First Temptation, Zackrison Edwin

It sounds like the plot for a great novel: A young man turns away from Christ and joins the Army, where he works on helicopters before becoming an assassin ... więcej

In Christian thought, original sin is the theological term for describing the state or condition of universal sinfulness where humans are found as the ... więcej

Iranian and Hezbollah Hybrid Warfare Activities, Keshavarz D Dilegge A
Deadly Ghost Arrows, Garrison TR

This anthology covers  Small Wars Journal  writings on Iranian and Hezbollah hybrid warfare activities around the world. Writings date from ... więcej

Private Investigator Jean Webb receives a shocking call from Washington, DC. Her best friend at the FBI was viciously murdered in Phoenix while investigating ... więcej

Created to Serve God, Lisa Marie
Spanking Is a Global Phenomenon, Alexis Fenold

A testimony of author Lisa Marie’s life and her struggles through her first fifty years, Created to Serve God narrates a story about family, dysfunction ... więcej

Spanking Is a Global Phenomenon looks at this traditional method of corporal punishment from a deep perspective, placing it in its historical context ... więcej

Enchanteur of Hearts, Carneiro Ryan
A History of Logging and Wood Milling in Brazoria County, Texas, Smith James

Ryan Carneiro desires to inspire others by pursuing them to keep loving and forever accept being loved without dismay.    Using his unique ... więcej

'p'Many people in Brazoria County, Texas, are unaware that a lumbering industry exists or has ever existed in the county. Books and other publications ... więcej

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